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Vcds Release 10.6.3 Installer (Latest)




At yesterday, Apple released a critical security update for OS X v10.6.3. What is missing is the release of v10.6.3 for vLite, vDS and the bootable installers. The vLite and vDS installer bugs seem to have been fixed as per the release notes. The bootable installer is yet to be fixed. We've given the vLite and vDS versions priority as they are not as critical as the bootable installer. The bootable installer requires macs to be running v10.6.3. The vLite and vDS releases are targeted for later today. We will post updates to this post when they are released. Update: It has now been fixed. The bootable installer release is now available from the Apple site. Doesn't boot for you? Bootable installer can be booted by anyone. The bootable installer of v10.6.3 is designed to allow users to boot the installer from any Mac. The bootable installer is self-contained so it cannot be copied to a hard disk and booted from there. The bootable installer is a 1.4 GB file. The bootable installer of v10.6.3 is the original installer. No other version of v10.6.3 is allowed on the same Mac. Users will need to download the vLite, vDS and bootable installer. The bootable installer is always the latest. For people in countries where Apple store is not available. The bootable installer is freely available for download from Apple's web site. Update: It has been verified by Apple to be fixed. Bootable installer can be downloaded from the site. 10.6.3 update should be available in ~30 minutes from the Mac App Store. For now we would recommend people holding out until Apple release the official vLite, vDS and bootable installer version. 10.6.3 security patch issued for vLite, vDS and bootable installer 10.6.3 has been released for all versions of vLite, vDS and the bootable installer. The following version numbers are given for these products: vLite 10.6.3 (940.3.2) vDS 10.6.3 (940.3.2) bootable installer 10.6.



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Vcds Release 10.6.3 Installer (Latest)

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