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Window Replacement: Adding Value to Your Home

Adding Value with Window Replacement

People often think of home remodeling projects as opportunities to make all the changes to their home that they’ve always wanted to have. Along those lines, home remodeling projects are thought of as ways to maximize the aesthetic value of a home, to make it have a feeling of being brand new and upgraded. These are all fantastic reasons to motivate anyone to pursue a home remodeling project, but there is another reason why people pursue home remodeling projects, which, for those who renovate purely for aesthetic purposes, is a bonus. What we are referring to here is, of course, the act of pursuing a home remodeling project for the purpose of increasing the market value of your home. Many homeowners pursue remodeling projects solely for this purpose.

Additionally, some homeowners who pursue remodeling projects for the purposes of increasing the market value of their home do so a year or two in advance. This is done so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor and live a little more luxuriously in the home they plan on selling. Other homeowners pursuing remodeling projects for the purposes of increasing the market value of their home might choose to undergo the renovations after they have already moved out of their home. Whatever the reasons behind pursuing a remodeling project, and regardless of when it takes place, there are a few specific projects that carry a huge potential for increasing the market value of your home. In this article, we cover the very best remodeling project for adding market value to your home: window replacements. This type of home remodeling project will add both the most bang for your buck when it comes time to sell your house, as well as one of the most aesthetically pleasing aspects that will make your home stand out to potential buyers.

Window Replacement:

Replacing the windows in your home is one of the best ways to add market value to your home. This is especially true if your windows are on the older side and need to be replaced. If that is the case with your home’s windows currently, they might actually be decreasing the market value of your home, in addition to making it more difficult to sell. When people go shopping on the housing market looking for a new home, they typically don’t want to buy a home that is going to need a lot of fixing up, unless that is what they are specifically looking for. Under those circumstances, homes that need fixing up typically end up selling for much less than what their actual market value is or could be. But when a home has been fixed up buy the owners prior to putting it on the housing market, it attracts potential buyers and significantly increases the amount of money you can ask for, because you have taken on the onus of doing the work to make the fixes that the house needs. This is far better than when the buyer feels like the home they are buying is going to need a lot of work done, which usually results in the potential buyer trying to lower the price to cover the cost of repairs, or walking away from the deal completely.

Additionally, replacing the windows in your home does so much to increase the market value of your home beyond the cost of the windows themselves because of the increase in energy efficiency that new windows provide. Older windows are a huge source of energy wastage. Bad insulation properties coupled with low light reflectivity indexes and high levels of heat transfer means that old windows cause your heating and air conditioning machines to work harder to maintain the optimal temperature in your home. New windows are far more energy efficient and as a result, they are associated with lower costs of heating and cooling, meaning a lower energy bill overall. This is something you can incorporate into your asking price when you sell your home! Not only are you saving potential buyers from having to spend the money to replace windows by doing it yourself, but you are also increasing the energy efficiency of the home itself, which makes the home more valuable in the long term. People who are shopping in the housing market for a new home really appreciate these kinds of things because they know it will save them the time, effort, and cost of doing the remodeling themselves. This proactive type of remodeling really attracts potential buyers, adding another bonus benefit in the sense that doing it will make selling your home go by a whole lot faster.


If you’re thinking about selling your home anytime soon, then the time to replace your windows is now! The sooner your home’s windows are replaced, the sooner potential buyers from the market will start pouring in wanting to make an offer on your home. Don’t hesitate! And remember, here at ClearMax Windows and Doors, we offer completely free estimates on any window replacement job, whether it’s just one window or all the windows in your home! We look forward to hearing from you!


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