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How to Choose Between Carpet or Hard Surface Flooring

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Hardwood flooring

It seems as if the age-old debate between whether or not carpet is better than hard surface flooring or vice versa. At Divine Home Remodeling, we don’t have the answer to that debate, but what we do know is that all flooring styles have their benefits, and each kind of flooring can work well in certain locations. However, beyond the personal aesthetic appeal, one is attracted to regarding each flooring style, there are important considerations homeowners should think about when it comes to choosing a flooring style for a home remodeling project. Of course, the reasons behind your decision to pursue a floor remodeling project are by far the most important factors. For precisely that reason, we’ve put together this article on what we think is a good set of guidelines for going about making this kind of important decision. Read on to find out how to choose between carpet, wood, or tile flooring.

Carpet Flooring:

For the vast majority of styles and materials, carpet flooring, in general, is the most budget-friendly, affordable flooring option. If you are looking to remodel your home for aesthetic purposes, such as giving your house a sense and feeling of something new, or you are sick of your feet hitting the cold hard ground on the floor every morning, carpet flooring is a great choice. When it comes to increasing the market value of your home for an approaching sale, carpet flooring might not be the best choice, but it certainly is an excellent idea if you want to ensure potential buyers find your home welcoming. Brand new carpet flooring looks great no matter what style or material it’s made of, and as such, it will definitely help to impress potential buyers.

Overall, carpet flooring looks and especially feels great, but it can wear down over the years, but this is mostly mitigated by the fact that it is typically the most affordable flooring option. It’s not the most stain-resistant material, but with care and attention, it will keep your home cozy and welcoming for years. When it comes to remodeling projects in preparation to sell the home, they are an affordable way to make your home have a sense of newness that will certainly appeal to potential buyers.

Hard Surface Flooring:

We’ve extensively covered the pros and cons of choosing hardwood flooring vs. tile flooring in a previous article that you can check out here. However, it’s worth pointing out in the context of comparing these flooring options to carpet that hard surface flooring carries with it a significant value increase to the home. Because hard surface flooring is more in demand in the housing market and tend to be associated with a degree of class and elegance, they currently carry a significant market value. In general, the materials used in hardwood and tile flooring are typically more expensive than carpet flooring whether it’s wood, vinyl, stone, marble, or any other hard material. Although there are certain types of carpet material that are extremely elegant and fetch a pretty penny, hard surface materials are generally more expensive, and that fact, coupled with their aesthetic value on the market, makes them an ideal choice if you are planning on selling your home. Even if that’s not the case and you are remodeling your home’s flooring purely for aesthetic purposes, hard surface flooring carries with it a great degree of customizability and practicality.

On the practical end of things, hard surface flooring is resistant to blunt force damage, as well as stains and spills. They are relatively easy to clean and don’t require any electricity to do so, unlike carpet flooring. On the aesthetic end, hardwood floors alone can come in a huge variety of styles, as can vinyl floors and tile floors. Vinyl flooring is both especially easy to clean and can come in an astonishing variety of styles and designs, from mimicking different natural materials to being something completely unique and individual. Another great aspect about hard surface floors that just doesn’t work as well with carpet flooring is that hard surface floors look great with rugs, which can essentially allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, without rugs, hard surface flooring runs the risk of becoming particularly cold to the touch on winter mornings, which some people simply can’t tolerate. Carpets complete solve this issue, but then again, so can rugs.


There you have it! We hope these details we have pointed out regarding both carpet and hard surface flooring styles have helped you in your decision-making process! Both styles of flooring come with distinct and separate pros and cons that are important to consider, especially depending on the reasons behind your pursuit of a floor remodeling project. Whatever those reasons are, we hope to hear from you ASAP regarding your plans, because we would love to offer you a free estimate on whatever those plans may be, no matter how big or how small they are! We are looking forward to hearing from you, and once again, don’t forget that we offer all of our estimates on any job completely free of charge!


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