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How to Choose Between Carpet or Hard Surface Flooring

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Hardwood flooring

It seems as if the age-old debate between whether or not carpet is better than hard surface flooring or vice versa. At Divine Home Remodeling, we don’t have the answer to that debate, but what we do know is that all flooring styles have their benefits, and each kind of flooring can work well in certain locations. However, beyond the personal aesthetic appeal, one is attracted to regarding each flooring style, there are important considerations homeowners should think about when it comes to choosing a flooring style for a home remodeling project. Of course, the reasons behind your decision to pursue a floor remodeling project are by far the most important factors. For precisely that reason, we’ve put together this article on what we think is a good set of guidelines for going about making this kind of important decision. Read on to find out how to choose between carpet, wood, or tile flooring.

Carpet Flooring:

For the vast majority of styles and materials, carpet floor