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A Guide to Choosing Tile Styles

Tile Flooring Divine Home Remodeling San Diego

Replacing your flooring with tiles is a great way to add value to your home on the market, and increase the comfort and aesthetic value that your home represents to you. Tile flooring is durable and lasts a long time, which means less maintenance costs in the long run. Tile flooring is also incredibly easier to clean than wood or carpet flooring, and they also provide great insulation properties that help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Apart from their practical benefits, tiles are an incredible option for the flooring in your home because of the enormous amount of options that exist when it comes to style and design. The degree of customization that you have access to when it comes to tile flooring is nearly unlimited. From color schemes to pattern designs and to materials imitation, tile flooring allows you to have complete freedom over the aesthetic appeals that you want for your own home. Because the number of choices when it comes to tile flooring is so large, we have put together this guide for you that covers important information regarding two of the most popular tile styles that are available.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is an incredible material to use for tile flooring designs. This material is far superior to stone-based materials particularly when it comes to their use indoors. This is because porcelain, unlike stone, is completely stain/spill resistant. With stone tiles there are lots of small crevices that spills can get stuck in, but with porcelain tiles, the surface is completely smooth and sleek. This means that any spill that happens on porcelain tiles can be cleaned up immediately with no risk of a stain, or worrying about how much effort it will take to clean up. With a wet rag or paper towel, your porcelain tiles will look brand new instantly.

There are also a lot of options available regarding different types of porcelain tiles. You can opt to pay a little bit extra to buy really strong and durable porcelain tiles for rooms where you know there will be a lot of forces applying pressure to the flooring, such as the laundry room. Regardless, porcelain is a very strong material and it can be reinforced to be even stronger (nearly indestructible) which makes it a great option for flooring you know will last a lifetime. Porcelain tiles also come in a huge variety of color choices that allow you to create whatever customized aesthetic appeal for the flooring in your home. Vinyl Tiles:

Vinyl tile flooring is one of the best, most affordable type of tile flooring that is available on the market. One of the things that makes vinyl tile flooring so incredible is just the immense amount of variety there is for you to choose from. Vinyl tile flooring can basically be designed to imitate nearly any material that exists. This means that not only can you have vinyl tile flooring that looks and feels just like real wood, but you can even go as far as to choose what species of wood you want and even from that point there are limitless options regarding the type of staining and varnishing you want your imitation wood flooring to look like. This is a huge benefit because it allows you to enjoy the visual and tactile aesthetic of wood flooring without having to worry about the drawbacks that wood has as a natural material, such as expanding and contracting with fluctuating temperatures or water damages.

Vinyl tile flooring can come in an enormous amount different varieties when it comes to imitating different natural materials such as stone, concrete, porcelain, brick, and/or marble. Vinyl tile flooring is also incredibly affordable and it is amazingly durable. Vinyl tile flooring can be installed with a very small amount of physical demands, the materials are easy to acquire, and they are very resistant to spills and stains and are incredibly easy to clean. These features of vinyl tile flooring are all due to the amazing material from which they get their name: vinyl. Vinyl is used more and more often for home construction purposes because it is such a versatile and durable material. You can see this when you begin to notice how often vinyl is used for window and door frame materials. Vinyl is completely resistant to water damages as it is completely waterproof. It also has great insulative properties and it can be placed in any room in the house including in bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements because of its resistance to water damage and its strong durability.


While there are many more different styles and designs regarding tile flooring, here at Divine Home Remodeling, we think it would be a shame if you didn’t know about and consider these two types of tiles we have covered here. Both vinyl and porcelain tile flooring are incredible options that both come with a huge list of benefits. Personally, we believe that these two types of tile flooring are the best that your money can buy, and we love installing them because we know just how much they are going to improve the day-to-day experience of your enjoyment of your home. If you’re thinking about replacing your flooring with tile flooring, please consider these two types of tile flooring options and get in touch with us right away! We offer estimates on all construction/remodeling work you are thinking about doing completely free of charge!

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