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Why You Should Get Solar Panels if You Live in San Diego

solar panels installation

We have some very exciting and hopeful news to share with you here at Divine Home Remodeling. The exciting news is regarding the undeniable fact that there has never been a better time to install solar panels on your home in San Diego. It’s no secret that the sun is almost always shining here, but that isn’t why now is the best time ever to get solar panels. While protecting our environment is an excellent reason to get solar panels, and is something we wholeheartedly believe in here at our family business, that also isn’t why right now is the absolute best time ever to get solar panels. No, instead there are two different main reasons why this is the greatest time ever to get solar panels that we would like to share with you. And afterwards, we would like to back up those two reasons with some extra information that helps support our belief that you should absolutely think about getting solar panels right away if your live in San Diego. Read on to learn more about this exciting time unfolding right now in our own city!

Permit Fee Waiver

One of the main reasons why right now is the best time ever to have solar panels installed on your home if you live in San Diego is because the county has been extremely generous to the public regarding solar panels. In the past, homeowners had to apply to San Diego County for a permit to install solar panels on their homes. This permit fee was not cheap and for many homeowners, it completely discouraged them from purchasing solar panels. However, San Diego County is now completely waiving the fee for homeowners who want to install solar panels. This is fantastic news and it shows that the county is taking renewable energy sources seriously. That is something we should all rejoice for, as a society that uses renewable energy sources is a society that is healthy for everybody. Getting started on installing solar panels on your home has never been easier. With the permit fee being completely waived by the county, all you have to do is get in touch with one of our team members here at Divine Home Remodeling and we will send a solar panel professional to your home to assess the compatibility of your roof. After we have assessed your roof’s compatibility, we will draw up an estimate on the cost of installing your solar panels completely free of charge, and we will also help you pick the absolute best solar panels for your home. So don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us today so we can start working together to make our community a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place.

2nd Best City in the Nation for Solar Power

solar panels san diego

San Diego was just recently ranked as the 2nd best city in the entire country for solar power generation by the Environment California Research and Policy Center. This incredible milestone should make every citizen of San Diego extremely proud and happy, as it is shows us that our future is extremely bright and promising. In fact, San Diego’s solar power industry has been growing steadily year after year, with an increase in over 26% in total solar power generated in the last year alone!

One of the top reasons why San Diego is such a fantastic place for generating solar panel is due to our extremely pleasant and sunny weather. In fact, San Diego boasts over 260 days of sunny weather every year on average, which is a stunning amount of sunlight. With the advanced technology our solar panels are built with, the amount of money that homeowners can save by going solar has never been bigger. In fact, the payback period on solar panels, the period in which you have saved the equivalent amount of money on energy bills that you spent on installing solar panels, is only five and a half years! With today’s solar panels lasting 25 years on average, you can expect to save a whopping twenty years worth of money on energy bills by going solar here in San Diego. On average that is a savings of over $130,000!!!


We were very excited to share this news regarding solar power generation in San Diego with you. We hope that this article has helped convince you that now is the time to purchase and install solar panels for your home if you live here in the beautiful sunny city of San Diego! By doing so you are not only saving an incredible amount of money and adding a great amount of market value to your home, but you are also making a noble and extremely significant contribution to the health of our environment, as well as our city. With the dire warnings we have received from climate scientists regarding climate change and global warming, it is imperative that we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Utilizing the power of the sun to generate electricity is a fantastic way to reduce your home’s carbon emissions to almost zero, and it is also an extremely wise financial decision to make. We are always committed to contributing to the development of our city into a environmentally friendly and sustainable place, and that is why we have chosen to make solar panel installation as easy and affordable as possible for you. Again, we will evaluate the compatibility of your roof for solar panels and draw up an estimate of the cost of installation for you completely free of charge as part of our commitment to the environment. Get in touch with us right away! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!installation for you completely free of charge as part of our commitment to the environment. Get in touch with us right away! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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