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Design Your Backyard for Winter

Overhead Covering

We’ve written a lot about how to design the spaces in your yard to maximize comfort, aesthetic, and fun. Here in San Diego, California, we enjoy some of the best weather in the whole world. Everyone we know here loves spending time outside, and for good reason. Long summer evenings spent barbequing and swimming in the backyard are some of the best pastimes, however, our enjoyment of the outdoors doesn’t have to be limited to the months where it’s warm outside. There are some simple yet extremely effective ways to ensure that your backyard remains an oasis and a paradise to which you can escape from the ordinary day-to-day life, and we are going to cover them all here in this article. The most significant challenges to enjoying your backyard spaces during the colder months have to do with temperature and light. After all, it doesn’t just get colder here in the winter, but the days don’t last as long either. Therefore, most of what you will read in this article focuses on how to beat these two aspects of nature and maintain the luxury of your backyard without getting to cold or having to turn in too early.

Heat Sources

The first step in making sure your backyard is ready for winter is to e