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Design Your Backyard for Winter

Overhead Covering

We’ve written a lot about how to design the spaces in your yard to maximize comfort, aesthetic, and fun. Here in San Diego, California, we enjoy some of the best weather in the whole world. Everyone we know here loves spending time outside, and for good reason. Long summer evenings spent barbequing and swimming in the backyard are some of the best pastimes, however, our enjoyment of the outdoors doesn’t have to be limited to the months where it’s warm outside. There are some simple yet extremely effective ways to ensure that your backyard remains an oasis and a paradise to which you can escape from the ordinary day-to-day life, and we are going to cover them all here in this article. The most significant challenges to enjoying your backyard spaces during the colder months have to do with temperature and light. After all, it doesn’t just get colder here in the winter, but the days don’t last as long either. Therefore, most of what you will read in this article focuses on how to beat these two aspects of nature and maintain the luxury of your backyard without getting to cold or having to turn in too early.

Heat Sources

The first step in making sure your backyard is ready for winter is to ensure that you have adequate outdoor heating sources. There are many ways to create heat in the backyard, which we will cover in greater detail below. However, it’s important to first realize that no matter what kind of heat sources you end up utilizing, they all consume energy in one form or another. However, your energy source doesn’t have to be limited to any one type like electricity, for example. In fact, it is often best to have multiple different sources of energy, as some sources are better at certain times of day or are better for accommodating different types of outdoor activities. Having a diverse set of energy sources makes keeping your backyard warm during the cold months a more energy efficient process.

A second thing to consider before deciding on the different types of heat sources you can utilize in your backyard has to do with the design of the landscape itself. For example, concrete floors can be very cold to the touch, but when they are near a heat source they are very effective at absorbing heat and staying warm for a pretty long time. So, keep in mind that the materials that have been used to build your outdoor living spaces can play a big role in keeping the area warm.

There are three really great and ideal ways to provide heat in your backyard during to cold winter months. The first, and arguably the best way to heat up your outdoor living areas is by using elevated heat lamps. These devices radiate really cozy and warm heat downwards, so they are really useful when installed surrounding your designated seating areas. The next best way to heat up your outdoor living space in a way that is both classy and fun is by utilizing a fire pit. These are perfect for cozy get togethers with friends sitting around the fire where you can tell stories and cook up some delicious ‘smores in the backyard. Another great way to provide heat to your outdoor living space while simultaneously cooking up something scrumptious is to simply cook outdoors! There are great variety of ways one can do this, whether it is with a BBQ, a smoker, or even with stovetops. Staying nearby these various heat sources will definitely keep you cozy during the colder winter months, and you’ll also realize that outdoor cooking is something that shouldn’t only be reserved for the summer! Furniture and Overhead Covering

Having the right kind of furniture in your outdoor living space is essential for optimizing the coziness of the area, especially during the colder parts of the year. Even without overhead covering, outdoor furniture is still susceptible to water, no matter if it is from rain, fog, or simply morning dew. Certain materials are also vulnerable to becoming brittle and breakable if the temperature outside gets too low. While metal is sturdy and won’t become brittle during cold weather, it can definitely rust when exposed to moisture. Wood is the best option for outdoor furniture, but you still want to ensure that you take the proper steps to protect it from the elements. Cushions are fantastic because they simultaneously protect the furniture on which they sit while also making the furniture much more comfortable and cozy. From there it is a matter of choosing whether or not to cover the cushions with a plastic covering, and then adding more blankets and pillows as you’d like. It’s important to keep in mind that choosing warm colors like red or orange can actually stimulate the feeling of warmth in the brain.

One thing that makes a huge difference in terms of the temperature of your outdoor living area is whether or not there is some sort of overhead covering like an awning, or perhaps a deck if you live in a two-story home. Overhead covers protect you from the rain and allow you to watch a storm blow by while still enjoying the outdoor fresh air. Outdoor overhead covers also allow you to install lights overhead which can contribute to the warmth of the outdoor living area. They also keep whatever furniture that is underneath them dry and warm, and they help trap the heat that is being produced from the various heat sources described above.


We believe you should be able to enjoy a comfortable and beautiful outdoor living space no matter what time of year it is. If you are hoping to renovate your backyard to make spending time outdoors more enjoyable, get in touch with us today! Patio construction is one of our top specialities and we can absolutely make sure your outdoor living space includes all of the things you need to make sure it stays warm and cozy during the winter. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

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