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A Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tile floors are the latest development in the top-of-the-line flooring options. These specialized tiles are made from vinyl, one of the most versatile construction materials, and they offer a nearly limitless opportunity to customize the flooring throughout your home. Simultaneously, this incredible flooring option represents not just the greatest degree of customization, but also offers the most durable, energy efficient, and easy to clean flooring choices available on the market. In this article, we break down everything you need to know about luxury vinyl tile flooring such as what its specific strengths are, where you in your home you can install it, and much, much more. Read on to learn everything you need to know about luxury vinyl tile floors! Customizability

The absolutely most incredible thing about luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it offers you the ability to completely design the aesthetic feel of your home by mimicking natural textures and materials. One of the most popular trends homeowners are creating with luxury vinyl tile floors is utilizing them to model classic luxury wood floorings. The luxury vinyl tile flooring that mimics wood textures not only looks and feels exactly like the wooden materials, but it also is available in nearly any kind of wood type. From oak to ash, or chestnut to cedar, the number of tree species that your luxury vinyl tile flooring can imitate is limitless. The grain patterns offered are truly spectacular and breathtaking, with many people not being able to distinguish the difference between actual wooden products.

The most positive benefit of luxury vinyl tile flooring ability to mimic natural textures is that those products that have traditionally been used in home construction and remodeling no longer need to be extracted from nature to provide those textures. This is the main quality, aside from luxury vinyl tile flooring being extremely durable and long lasting, that makes luxury vinyl tile flooring so environmentally friendly and sustainable. By opting to choose to utilize these tiles, you are keeping the wooden, stone, and metallic materials in their natural environments where they belong. With luxury vinyl tile flooring, you can have wooden flooring, marble flooring, concrete flooring, and much more without having to resort to the environmentally destructive practices that have traditionally been used to extract these building materials.


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is beyond a doubt one of the absolutely best materials you can choose for flooring in terms of strength, durability, and how easy it is to clean. The main ingredient in this kind of flooring, as the name implies, is vinyl. Vinyl is an extremely strong, durable, and resistant material that is utilized in a variety of home construction settings, from door frames to windows, and much more. The main difference between regular vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl tiles is in the construction of the flooring material itself. Where regular vinyl tiles are usually just floorboards with a thin strip of vinyl material that imitates natural textures, luxury vinyl tiles are built completely differently. Luxury vinyl tiles are built to be stronger and more resilient than regular vinyl tiles. Luxury vinyl tiles are constructed of 4 layers: the first layer is an image layer. This layer provides a visual imitation of the natural textures you have opted for, such as wood or stone. The second layer is referred to as the “wear” layer. This layer contains the tactile texturing that imitates the natural texture you have chosen for your floors, and also serves a structural purpose to the flooring. Beneath that layer are two more layers: the resilient core and a backing layer for extra strength and durability. What makes luxury vinyl tiles so strong and long lasting is that they are much thicker than the regular kind of vinyl tiles, and they also are resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and stains. Not only that, but these vinyl tiles are also entirely waterproof. They are incredibly easy to clean, and virtually impossible to damage structurally. Their waterproof nature means that no matter whether you have a leaking appliance or continuously wet weather, your floorboards have zero risk of swelling or warping.

Placement Versatility

One of the best aspects of luxury vinyl tile flooring is that its strength, durability, and water resistance means that it can be placed in any area of the home without having to fear about it being susceptible to damage. Most flooring options are not restricted by what floor they can occupy, and neither is luxury vinyl tile flooring. However, what makes luxury vinyl tile flooring stand apart from other types of flooring is that it can be placed in basements, which traditionally are risky places to place many types of flooring for fear of warping from moisture exposure. That simply is not a thing you have to worry about with luxury vinyl tile flooring, and you can put it in any room in your home that your heart desires!


Luxury vinyl tile flooring represents one of the absolute best choices homeowners can make when deciding to remodel the flooring in the home. Luxury vinyl tile floorings have incredibly long life spans, meaning you likely won’t ever need to replace your flooring again when you opt for these specialty tiles. They offer the ability to add a custom touch to the aesthetic of your home, and they are an absolute breeze to clean thanks to being completely stain and water resistant. If you are thinking about remodeling your home’s flooring, don’t forget to consider this incredible option, and to get in touch with us here at Divine Home Remodeling. We offer free estimates on any remodeling job, no matter how big or small. Get in touch with us today!

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