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Ways to Make a Room Feel Bigger


As professionals who have been in the home remodeling business for quite some time, one of the very most common things we hear from our clients is their desire to create more space in the home. Often times this can be accomplished by renovating cabinet space and counters, creating extensions to rooms, or adding on new rooms altogether. However, it doesn’t always require such drastic measures to create more space. In fact, in many instances, the amount of space in a given room is all a matter of one’s perspective. There are many useful tricks you can utilize to create the perception of more space in a given room in the house. Below we outline some of the clever tricks we have come across over the years that work wonders in creating a sense of more space in a given room.

Color and Lighting

The colors used in a room, in addition to the quality and amount of lighting used to illuminate that room, play a huge roll in the perceived amount of space available in that room. This is mostly due to optical technicalities, and in many ways, these factors can contribute to phenomena that one could even consider to be optical ‘illusions’. However, there is no trickery here involved with lines or angles that need to be changed. A simple tweaking of the colors used in the room, along with the lighting, can work wonders.