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Everything You Should Know Regarding French Doors

French doors

French doors are a beautiful style of door that essentially turns the door into a hybrid window/door. The design of French doors has been in use since antiquity and have always been associated with a level of class and sophistication that is really unparalleled in the world of doors. It probably goes without saying that these doors offer an incredible opportunity to really enhance the value of your home, and they also provide an incredible aesthetic value to those who have them installed in their own living spaces. In this article we delve into what makes these doors so special, where the most ideal places to install them are, and the extent to which you can customize them.

Why So Special?

French doors are considered to be so special mostly because they simply have an incredible aesthetic appeal. They add a real sense of welcomeness to any space they inhabit, and the sight and feeling of walking through two beautiful open doors is something that is hard to beat. These doors are also renowned in renovation projects because they offer a surprising amount of customizability, from the materials, hardware, number, size, and shape of the windows installed in the doors themselves. Finally, one of the most important aspects of French doors is that they allow the abilit