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3 Things to Renovate for Increased Energy Efficiency

Here at Divine Home Remodeling, we are very committed and dedicated to the idea of sustainability and energy efficiency. Not only do we want our customers to save as much money as possible, but we also care deeply for the environment we share with one another. Less-than-optimal energy efficiency, no matter where it occurs, is harmful to our environment and has the potential to contribute to serious problems such as pollution and climate change. We love our warm sunny environment here in San Diego, and we love the community we are a part of. As home remodeling/renovation contractors, we recognize that the area we stand to make the most difference in is in home energy efficiency. We’ve put together this list of what we consider to be the top 5 most impactful renovation project that a home can undergo to increase overall home energy efficiency


Window renovation is probably the single most significant category we can think of that stands to have the greatest impact in overall home energy