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Kitchen Renovation For the Love of Cooking

Kitchen Renovation For the Love of Cooking

Cooking and entertaining guests in your home might be one of your favorite ways to show off your skills, or maybe getting together with family and celebrating the cultural traditions of your ancestor’s cuisine is something you cherish. Whatever the reasons, if you love to cook, chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and you might be feeling like it’s time to renovate. After all, if you spend a decent chunk of time in the kitchen, there are probably things you’ve noticed you’d like changed to make the time spent there more enjoyable. We’ve taken the most important things that can take a kitchen from being good to being great, with a special emphasis on the things that make cooking such a joy. Read on to learn more about how to remodel your kitchen into a chef’s paradise!


Before we dive right into the things that make cooking in the kitchen more enjoyable, it’s important to discuss having the right sink in your kitchen. Seeing as you’re likely to spend more time at the sink than at any other place in your kitchen, we thought it was important to cover the topic of sinks before covering any others.

Any kitchen that is going to qualify as a true chef’s kitchen is going to have two sinks. There are many reasons as to why having two sinks makes being in the kitchen so much better. First of all, if you live with a spouse or significant other, it’s incredibly frustrating to have more than one person trying to use a sink. If you’re cooking with another person, having two sinks completely eliminates this problem, and makes cooking together much more efficient. When it comes to washing dishes, you can split up the workload, or have one sink designated for dishes that go in the dishwasher and another sink designated for the bigger things that can’t go in the dishwasher, such as pots and pans.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing what sinks to have installed in your kitchen is the depth. Deep sinks can hide dirty dishes out of sight, creating a more aesthetically pleasing vibe in the kitchen even when there are lots of dishes to do. The deeper the sink, the better, however, there is a limitation to this rule. If you elect to have a sink deeper than 9 inches, it’s going to get uncomfortable for your back to bend far enough to reach the items at the very bottom of the sink. Other aspects that make a sink more enjoyable are pull-out sprayers, one handle to control temperature rather than two, and single bowl basins.


The best kinds of stoves for those who spend a lot of time cooking are high-output gas powered stovetops. You’ll want to make sure you choose a stove appliance that comes with cast iron grates that have been sealed in porcelain. Also of paramount importance are igniters that can detect whether or not the flame has gone out and that automatically reignite the flame. For safety purposes, choose a stove that comes with all of these features that also includes insulating properties so that the unit doesn’t get too hot.

You’ll also want to pick a stove that has knobs you enjoy. Test out the visibility of the knobs with and without pots/pans on the stove, and also think about whether or not they’ll be easy to clean. Last but not least, make sure you pick a stove that comes with a high quality oven/broiler. If you find a stove that meets all of the things mentioned above but doesn’t come with a built-in oven, you’ll be significantly reducing the amount of space remaining in your kitchen.


Finding the right refrigerator is a lot like soul-searching. You have to ask yourself a whole bunch of questions, and the answers will have a big effect on what kind of refrigerator is best for your lifestyle.

The first and most important question you need to answer when it comes to choosing a refrigerator is how often you go grocery shopping. If you are someone who goes quite frequently, you might want to opt for a smaller refrigerator that doesn’t come with a freezer. There are great advantages to such an arrangement, as it frees up a whole lot of space in your kitchen for storing your favorite cooking tools.

Another important factor in choosing the right refrigerator is how many people you plan on cooking for at any given time. If it’s just you and one other person, you don’t need a huge refrigerator, and you’ll save yourself a lot of space and money by opting for a smaller one. If this isn’t you, it’s definitely worth the money to ensure you’ll have the proper amount of space.


There are many other things that go into making your cooking experience in your kitchen more enjoyable. Having all of your favorite cooking tools and utensils stored and organized in the way you like is a huge part of enjoying your experience in the kitchen. The most important part of every kitchen is, of course, the experience of the food and the friends.

If you’re thinking it’s time to remodel your kitchen into the culinary wonderland that you’ve always dreamed of, then now is the perfect time to start making your dreams come true. Here at Divine Home Remodeling, kitchen renovations are one of our top specialties. We offer free estimates on any and all projects. Get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to hear what kitchen remodeling ideas you’re thinking of!

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