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5 Awesome Apps for Home Remodeling Design


Designing a home remodeling project can be a fun, exciting process. However, for a lot of people it can be difficult to create mental image of how your ideas will actually look in any given room in your home. Unless you have the illustration skills of an architect or interior designer, it can be challenging to communicate a truly accurate picture of what you want your finished remodeling project to look like. Smartphone and tablet technology has really come a long way, and we are happy to share with you some great new apps that are out there that offer an amazing solution to this problem! This article covers what we consider to be the best apps out there for getting your home remodeling projects realized, organized, and communicated to contractors.

Magicplan is an incredible app that is designed for both iOS users and Android users alike. The app syncs up with your phone’s camera, and uses some really interesting algorithms to essentially create an augmented reality layer on top of an image. You can use this technology to create an augmented image of what a given room in your home will look like with different types of flooring layouts, ventilation systems, wallpaper, and much, much more. A free version is available, however the paid version allows for much greater customization and creativity.

Another really cool feature that Magicplan has is that it can automatically make measurements of rooms using the phone’s camera. All of the data that Magicplan both collects and creates can easily be organized by room or by any other topic, and all of that information can be automatically shared with your contractor through the app.

HomeZada takes the entire organization process of any home remodeling project and puts it all into one convenient, easy-to-access place. One feature of the app allows you to make a list of all the separate tasks that need to be completed for a given project. This list of tasks can then be edited to include specific deadlines for each task. The list can then be shared with your contractor and/or interior designer, and the app will send them notifications reminding them of the deadlines you’ve assigned to each task.

Another great feature of the app is the camera function. You can take pictures of any items you encounter that you think are a must for your home remodeling project and HomeZada will automatically create a wishlist for you. Each item’s price will be included on the list, and the app will automatically add up the cost of each item on the list to create an estimated budget for your wishlist items. The list will also include a link for each item to a website where the item can be purchased. This list can then be shared with your interior designer, contractor, or any other kind of assistant.

This app is a whole lot of fun even if you aren’t planning on doing any home remodeling projects, but if you are, it is extremely useful for visualizing different project ideas. Colorsnap comes with a full pallet of the entire color spectrum that you can choose from. It also has the ability to scan color chips from department stores and upload these shades into the app. Then, through the app you take a picture of your walls with Colorsnap, and the app will create an augmented reality where you can see what your walls will look like with the color of your choosing. This is an amazing app that spares your mental imaging part of your brain from doing any work. You can go through literally every color in the world and see what each would look like on your walls before deciding on your favorite color.

This app is the king of utilizing augmented reality to envision what your home could look like after a remodeling project. Much like the other apps discussed above, this one uses your phone’s camera to take a picture of a given room in your home. What makes this app particularly special is that it will generate images of anything from different types of furniture (with pictures of actual brand name items) to different lighting schemes and wall paint colors. You can completely customize any room in your house with this augmented reality technology. Additionally, the app comes with pre-determined interior design styles that you can apply to pictures of the rooms in your house as a source of inspiration.

This app helps organize all of the different tasks that go into a home remodeling project and breaks them down by category. You can organize all the different tasks by category, and Buildshop will create lists of the costs associated with each task, organize tasks by priority, and create a scrapbook of different ideas you have and items you’d like to include in your project, which can also be organized to include estimated costs. All of the data you put into Buildshop can then be easily shared with any professionals you are working with. Buildshop is free, but there is also a paid version with professional software that has greater capabilities regarding augmented reality and architectural design.


Here at Divine Home Remodeling, we are all very impressed by these apps and the amount of creativity and expression they allow homeowners to experiment with when it comes to designing a home remodeling project. We love this, as it allows homeowners to know exactly what they want out of a remodeling project, and it allows us to see an actual visual example of the kinds of ideas our customers have. If you’re considering embarking on a home remodeling project, we definitely recommend that you check out these apps. Remember, we offer free estimates on any and all remodeling projects, and these apps are a great way for us to come up with an accurate estimate. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We can’t wait to see what your home remodeling ideas look like!

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