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Everything You Need to Know About Turf

Turf is a term used to refer to artificial grass, but you also may have heard it referred to as “Astroturf”, which was initially a popular brand of artificial grass. However, the term “Astroturf” is now a generic trademark that refers to any type of artificial grass. You may think that all artificial grass is created equally, but it turns out that turf has gone through many phases of improvement throughout its history. In this article we’ll discuss how far turf has come in it’s development over the years, in addition to its many different applications. We’ll also discuss the benefits of having turf and why installing it in your yard could be a huge improvement.

Turf first started to gain popularity in a wide arrange of applications in the 1960’s. People all across America began to take notice of turf and consider its possibilities when the Houston Astrodome became the first major sports stadium to use turf instead of real grass. Since then ,turf has gone through two subsequent revitalizations, referred to as second and third generation turf systems. The most widely used turf systems are the third generation turf systems, which are made of higher quality material than their predecessors. Third generation systems have significantly less maintenance associated with them as compared to their predecessors, and their production is much more environmentally friendly due to the use of recycled materials in the turf itself. Third generation turf systems are highly resistant to breakdown from UV radiation, and they are designed to be much more resistant to wear and tear, and is much more similar to real grass than first and secon