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The Big Bathroom Design Decision: Tub or Shower?

Shower and tub combinations are the most common type of fixture you'll see in a household bathroom, but recent trends suggest that homeowners are ditching the convenience of the two in one combo for the design opportunities that come with a freestanding tub and a glass paneled shower. Having a bathroom with enough square footage for both makes for an easier decision, but if you only have room for either a shower or a tub, you've got a tough choice to make.

The truth is, neither option is necessarily better or worse than the other, and there are a lot of benefits that tubs and showers have in common. They both come in a wide variety of designs that will provide your bathroom a different look. Tubs come in standard, claw-foot, freestanding, whirlpool, and even walk-in varieties. Showers may come as stalls enclosed with doors or curtains, and walk-in showers give you an open bathing space without the door or curtain.

They also come in wide ranges of materials, including acrylic, cast-iron, fiberglass, and even natural stone. You'll even have a range of therapeutic water flow varieties to choose from; whirlpool tubs are equipped with jets