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The Pros And Cons Of An Open Floor Plan

One trend in home design that started years ago but doesn't seem to be going anywhere is the open floor plan. Knocking down walls in the kitchen or dining room to connect it with the living room is an extremely popular request among new homeowners, and the effect it has on your house's aesthetic is huge. However, as popular a trend as it is, open floor plans aren't necessarily for everyone. If you're considering adopting the concept yourself, here are some things to consider:

Pro: A small space will seem much larger.

This is the most obvious and most drastic of the changes that come with opening up a space, and it's why the concept is so popular. Converting what were previously two or three separate rooms into one large area will give the impression that your home has more square footage, making it especially appealing when expanding or adding a room

isn't an option.

Con: An area could feel too large.

If your home has a high square footage with large kitchen, dining, and living rooms, knocking walls down could make an already big space feel far too big. A room that's too big could start to feel like a warehouse, and can be extremely costly when it comes to heating and cooling.

Pro: Your home will feel more social.

Being alone in a kitchen preparing meals can feel isolating, especially if you're hosting family or friends. Missing out on conversation and feeling like you're separated from the group can be a downer, and an open concept fixes that problem. You can still feel like you're one with the group while doing tasks that might have bored you previously, which is an appealing offer. Entertaining is much easier and more convenient with an open concept.

Con: Overlapping Areas Can Get Messy

An open concept leaves a lot of possibility for your mess from the kitchen to make its way to your living room. Kitchens are usually the messiest part of the home, and having it on display for everyone else to see can be an eyesore. It might be hard to sit on the couch and relax if you're able to see a stack of dirty dishes in the sink. Furthermore, kitchen smells also are no longer confined to a single room, so if you're working with smelly ingredients, you'll be able to smell them everywhere.

Pro: Open sight lines mean your gorgeous design is always on display.

No walls blocking your kitchen and dining room from the living room can revolutionize the way you think about designing your home. Allowing your design to flow seamlessly from space to space can give you many more design options than you previously had, leaning to visually stunning results.

Con: There's more room for clutter.

The impression of more space that an open floor plans give you is only apparent to an extent. If you go overboard with furniture, storage, accessories, and other trappings of daily life, the open floor plan won't necessarily make a difference, and could even make your home feel more cluttered.

Pro: Eliminate underused spaces.

Different households have different trends in how they actually use the spaces in their home, and an open floor plan means having the most efficient layout for your needs. Maybe you don't use your dining room often, or maybe no one spends much time in the living room; no matter what, opening the floor eliminates this underused room and gives you more usable space.

Con: Privacy can be hard to find.

If your kids are being distracting while you're trying to get some work done at the table, or your partner is binge-watching a show you haven't caught up on while you're trying to prepare a meal, you're out of luck. With no walls dividing off areas, you'll no longer have the privacy that once came with those separate rooms.

Make the choice that's right for you.

As you can see, deciding whether an open-concept home is right for you can be quite the task. There are many things to consider, and it's not necessarily the right fit for every homeowner. However, if you love to entertain and see many dinner parties in your future, crave more togetherness with your family, or are really looking to flex your design chops, then an open concept is the perfect choice for you. If you're interested in opening up your home, contact Divine Home Remodeling today for a free quote!

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