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Update Your Master Bedroom With These Tips

The most used room in our homes isn't often appreciated because most of our time in it is spent asleep. But make no mistake, the master bedroom is where we spend a good chunk of our time, so why not give it the attention it deserves? A comfortable bedroom makes it even easier to enjoy our oh-so-precious hours of sleep, so we have some tips that will turn your master bedroom into the safe haven you deserve. New paint, great lighting, and cozy furnishings are just a few of the things that go into creating the perfect master bedroom.

Step 1: The Perfect Paint Job

Finding the right color is the most fundamental step in giving your bedroom the perfect energy. We love light, neutral colors that leave room for colorful accents in your bed linens, pillows, and other accessories. However, you can let your personality be your guide when it comes to choosing your color. Whether you prefer tones of grey, blues, or reds, you'll be able to use color to give your bedroom a relaxing vibe. Just keep in mind that bright colors can be overly stimulating, so soft, muted shades are your friend.