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Improve Your Summer With 8 Home Improvement Tips

summer home improvement tips

Summer is the hottest time of the year, so we usually associate it with with activities like going to the beach or cooling down in the pool. Homeowners see summer a little differently, though; summer can be an ideal time to perform several outdoor renovations to make your home feel like the perfect outdoor getaway. Divine Remodeling provides many services that can turn your home into a summer oasis.

Pressure Wash

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your home more beautiful is with a good pressure wash. This can make an old deck or walkway look as good as new by removing dirt, algae, and mold. You may be surprised by how much of an improvement can be gained by a good pressure wash.

Gutter Repairs

Gutter cleaning and repairs are an important but often neglected maintenance projected.

Many people don’t quite understand how important your gutters are to your home; by collecting and guiding the flow of water, gutters prevent potential damage to your foundation and siding.

Spring storms can clog and damage your gutters, so it’s important to have them cleaned and checked for damage regularly.

Pool Cleaning

Your swimming pool will be the most utilized area of your yard in the summer, so you should make sure it works properly and looks great. If you don’t currently have a pool but are interested in having one installed, look at our previous post to determine if installing a pool is right for you. A pool is an expensive addition, but can provide years of summer comfort.

Backyard Maintenance and Renovation

If you entertain a lot of company in the summer months, you’ll want to make sure that your backyard is the best it can be. The backyard provides an outdoor living space that’s perfect for gathering, relaxing, and grilling, so money spent here can go a long way. One of the best ways to spruce up your backyard is by improving or even installing a patio. You’ll also want to check your walkways and driveway for cracks and have them repaired as soon as possible.

Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance

Your deck is a backyard focal point, and depending on its size, it’s probably the second most occupied area during the summer (your pool being the first). To ensure your deck looks and feels great, make sure to check for and repair/replace any broken or loose boards. For that final clean touch, give it a good pressure wash to make it look brand new.

Spending time on your deck on a warm evening is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer, so give it the attention it deserves.


Landscaping is one of the most popular summer home improvement options, as it can turn your yard into a summer paradise. Beautiful landscaping will wow your guests and neighbors and even improve your home’s value to potential buyers.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

If it’s been a while since your home’s last paint job, it might be time to consider touching it up. Applying a fresh coat of paint is a quick project that not only improves your home’s appearance, but also increases its value. This is one of the simplest and most inexpensive summer maintenance jobs, but don’t underestimate its value.

Repair or install fences and gates

This is a great summer home improvement project if you’re currently suffering worn out or out of date fencing. If your fence is too old or damaged, you might want to consider replacing it, as quality fences and gates add both protection and value to your home. There are many more advantages than disadvantages when it comes to improving your fencing.

We spend the most time outdoors during the summer, so you should make sure that your outdoor living space is as perfect as can be. If any of these projects sound appealing to you, contact us today for a free consultation.

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