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Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger With These 5 Tips

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When it comes to unwinding in our homes, many people overlook the importance of a comfortable bathroom. Bathrooms can be a personal sanctuary; a place where we go at the end of a stressful day to refresh and renew. However, if your bathroom is small and cluttered, finding comfort there might be a challenge. If you’re not satisfied with the design of your small bathroom, these 5 tips can help it be a room that’s more comfortable than you thought possible.

Remove Large Lighting Fixtures - Go With Recessed Lighting

A good source of light should be your first choice in making your bathroom feel more spacious. Larger fixtures like chandeliers will only make your bathroom feel more cluttered, so these should be avoided. Choosing recessed lighting allows you to hide the fixture in the ceiling, saving the most amount of space possible. Not only will it create more open space, but its soft glow will also blur your bathroom’s boundaries, making it appear even larger.