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Should I Build a Pool?

pool construction san diego

Here in San Diego, everyone can agree that having a pool is not just a great idea, but a fantastic idea. Being in a location where the pool can be used nearly all year round, it seems like an enormous waste to not have a pool, especially if you have the space in your backyard. However, not every home in San Diego was built with a pool, and chances are if you are reading this, yours wasn’t either. Although this may seem like a complete travesty, it actually can be explained by things as simple as a construction company’s budget, or by more complex things like the state of the housing market at the time your home was constructed. Either way, what’s certain is that if you’re reading this, you want a pool, but you don’t know if you should or if you even can have one. Well first of all, if you can, then it is our professional opinion that you definitely should. However, there are definitely some important considerations to take into account before taking the leap. We’ve broken those considerations down for you to make your decision making process easier for you.

Yard Suitability

The first thing you need to determine if you are serious about building a pool is whether or not your yard is capable of housing a pool. In most places, there is a concern about whether or not there is a high water table that may impact the ability to have a pool put in the ground, however, that is typically a non-issue here in the hot, dry San Diego region. Once that issue is dealt with, the next step will be to take a soil sample of your yard. The composition of the soil in your backy