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A Few Ideas for Room Additions

Home office

Adding an entirely new room to your home is an incredible opportunity to add almost any kind of functionality to a new room in your home. Whatever that thing you think your home has been missing is, room additions allow that dream to become reality. Here at Divine Home Remodeling, room additions are one of our top specialties. While we focus on the ideal dimensions, proportions, and placement of the additional room, you get to do the fun part: deciding what this brand new, customizable room is actually going to be. Below are some general ideas that highlight the incredible opportunities room additions have to offer.

Home Theatre

Home Theater

Are you a total movie buff? If so, a home theatre might be something you’ve fantasized about having in your home. A home theatres take the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen, and transports that experience into the comfort of your home. You get all the benefits of seeing a movie in the theatres, such as surround sound, comfy seats, and the enormous wide screen, and you get to enjoy those benefits without having to deal with pesky movie-talkers, and ads/previews that you can’t skip. The total privacy that home theatres offer allows you to keep all the good things about going to the movie theatre, without having to endure any of the negative aspects.

Home Office

Anyone who works from home would greatly benefit by having their own home office that is in a separate room. Home offices allow you to enjoy total privacy in a space that is specifically designated for work. Even if you don’t work from home, it might be an economically smart idea to start doing so. Many people who run their own business rent out an office space to get their work done. With a home office, that monthly cost that could be dragging down your business is gone! You can also use a home office for tax advantage purposes! If the home office is solely for the purpose of conducting business matters, you can deduct the cost of the maintenance and utilities of the home office from your taxes. Other added benefits of having a home office are that you contribute to protecting the environment by eliminating your commute to the office, and you also increase the value of your home.


Sunrooms take all the pleasures of spending time outdoors and bring them right inside your home, leaving the negative aspects such as insects or uncomfortable temperatures outside where they belong. By utilizing large windows both in the walls as well as in the ceiling, the natural light spilling into this room addition will create the perfect place to relax in an aesthetically pleasing environment. A sunroom provides the perfect opportunity to start growing an indoor garden (see our previous article on this topic) which will fill the room with fresh, clean air and will provide an incredible amount of health benefits. When the sun goes down, the “sun room” becomes a “star room”, giving you the perfect place to gaze up at our galaxy with loved ones and marvel at the beauty of the night sky.

Extra Bathroom

extra bathroom

Perhaps you are starting a family, and the number of people in your home is growing. Nobody likes waiting for the bathroom to open up, and if this is something that is occurring in your home, it might be time to have an extra bathroom added to your home. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, an extra bathroom can be something you add to your home as a luxurious treat. Rather than remodeling an existing bathroom, you can build a room addition to house an indoor spa or sauna. Imagine being able to walk down the hall and get into a jacuzzi all while enjoying it in the privacy that the indoors have to offer!


home workshop

If you are someone who loves woodworking, fixing things, or restoring antiques, an added room that functions as a workshop might be just the thing your home is missing. If you are currently using the garage as your workshop, freeing up that space as an extra storage area will make your home much more organized and less cluttered. If your craftsmanship is something that helps pay the bills, the same benefits listed above under the home office category will also apply to adding an extra room that functions as a workshop (tax deductions, no commuting, no rent).


This list by no means covers all of the options there are when it comes to building room additions. Whatever it is you think your home is missing, our team here at Divine Builders is ready to get to work building your home addition. Room additions are one of our top specialties here, and we can’t wait to get started making your home remodeling dreams come true! If you any ideas about what you think would be a great addition to your home, or if any of these ideas sound like just the thing your home is missing, get in touch with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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