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Three Components Necessary for the Ultimate Backyard Experience

San Diego Backyard

There is perhaps no other place in the whole country where spending time in one’s backyard can be more enjoyable than it is here in San Diego. We are blessed with sunny, warm weather all year round, and it is extremely difficult to find an excuse to not want to spend time outside. The intense heat of summer, with reason, can create a sense of caution when it comes to going on long walks or hiking, but even in 100 degree weather the backyard has the potential to become an oasis, even a paradise. Designing the perfect space in your backyard can be an immensely pleasurable experience, especially when it pays off in the end. In this article, we examine three components that are necessary when it comes to building paradise in your backyard.

A Shady Spot

A Shady Spot San Diego

A structure that creates shade is by far the most important aspect to having an enjoyable backyard in San Diego. The intense heat and light from the sun are really the only things that threaten to diminish the backyard experience here in San Diego. Therefore, it is important to have some kind of awning to cover your patio area. Patio covers that are attached to the roof of your house and can be retracted to let in the sun are always a great idea, but that doesn’t mean that is your only option. Patio covers that are built to stand alone are also a highly aesthetically pleasing option. A gazebo may be all you need to fully enjoy your backyard, but if you are someone who likes to host parties in your backyard, you should have something that is large enough to fit furniture that will provide an adequate amount of places to sit in the shade.

Whatever the type of structure you decide you want in your backyard, here at Divine Remodeling, we can build it for you. Creating the perfect area to lounge in the backyard is one of the services we have perfected the most over the years here in San Diego, but regardless of the style or design, if there is one thing we know about having an enjoyable backyard, it’s that a shady spot is a must-have commodity.

Cooking Area

cooking area San Diego

An outdoor cooking area is the crème de la crème of every and any spectacular backyard. You don’t want to be constantly going in and out of the house to prepare and serve meals in your backyard, especially if you have guests over and are cooking for a large crowd. Not only does this take away time you should be spending with your guests, but it also takes away time spent in the backyard. With an outdoor cooking area, you get to maximize the time spent in your backyard. And let’s be honest: cooking outside, especially in San Diego, is one of the finer things one can do in life. An outdoor cooking area takes the backyard experience to a whole new level.

There are a few things that need to go into your outdoor cooking area to really make it satisfying and complete. The first thing is the grill. Stand alone grills are fine as they are, but when we are talking about a truly complete backyard cooking area, one thing that must be considered is the countertop. The finest backyard cooking areas are the ones with grills that are built into the countertop. The countertop you choose is the second aspect you really want to focus on when designing your backyard cooking area. You want a countertop that not only looks great, but also one that is going to be durable as well as easy to clean Wooden countertops, despite the fact that rain damage is not something we have to really worry about in San Diego, really aren’t the best choice when it comes to cleanability. With our experience in crafting amazing backyard areas, we know countertop surfaces like granite or marble are really the way to go. The third thing you are going to want in your backyard cooking area is a refrigerator installed underneath the countertop. This will save you the need to go back and forth from the house getting the food items you need kept cool, as well as beverages for you and your guests. The next thing you want to make sure you have in your backyard cooking area is adequate cabinet space. You’ll want to keep a separate set of dishes in the outdoor cooking area, and you’ll also want to make sure you have all the cooking utensils you’ll need within reach. The final thing you’ll want in your backyard cooking area, although this is more of an added option than a true necessity, is a sink to wash the dishes in.


San Diego flooring

The surface you and your guests will be standing on makes an enormous difference. A wooden deck is always a beautiful option to go with, as are patio tiles. When designing a backyard with tiles, however, you want to be careful to choose tiles that won’t become scaldingly hot in the sun (although this isn’t as much of an issue in your shaded areas). The best way to avoid this is by choosing tiles that have lighter shades. One fantastic option is a patio made with red tiles, which really compliments some of the Spanish/Mexican architecture that is common here in San Diego.

While wooden decks look fantastic and you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot, the one thing you have to be careful about is the capacity to get splinters while walking on the deck while barefoot. Also, wood inevitably degrades over time, especially if it is exposed to water. Rain obviously isn’t terribly common in San Diego, but it does happen, and we would recommend you have a way to shield your wooden deck from the rain when it does occur. Furthermore, one source of water that is common in San Diego are swimming pools. If you have a lot of water dripping off of the swimmers in your backyard on to a deck, that will be one source of water damage to the wood. The chlorine in the water will also accelerate the rate of damage to the wood as well.


These three topics are really the top criteria when it comes to having the ideal modern backyard area. While none of these things are mutually dependent on one another, together they define the overall experience of your backyard, and the best backyards have all three of these things. Whether you are planning on remodeling your entire backyard, or are just looking to add one of these to your backyard, we are ready to get the job done. Don’t forget that we offer free estimates on all of our services, so please, get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help you create your backyard paradise!

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