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Make Your Modern Home Design Complete With An Indoor Garden

Indoor Garden

One of the most personally important criteria when it comes to picking my favorite home designs is the amount of natural light a home has. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous home that is only lit up by artificial light. When it comes to the aesthetic beauty of a home, windows are at the top of my priorities list. And at the very top of that list is a type of window that I fall head over heels for every time: skylight windows. However, it’s not just the fact that these windows provide the best source of natural lighting that gets me so excited. It’s the fact that they provide an opportunity to do something with your home design that just makes home life a thousand times better.

skylight windows

With skylight windows, having an indoor garden becomes easily doable, and once it is established, an indoor garden has the potential to add incredible aesthetic beauty to your home, freshen your air, and even potentially produce herbs and vegetables for your kitchen.

Indoor gardens don’t necessarily require a skylight, but I find that the use of electric lights for the sole purpose of growing plants indoors just kills the aesthetic completely. This is especially true if the plant is in a pot. Now when an indoor garden is incorporated into the house as part of the design of the home itself? That is a level of home design that merits a round of applause. These types of gardens pretty much require a skylight in order to grow and thrive, and that just increases the aesthetic appeal of a home that much more. It guarantees that a home will have a good amount of natural light, and that, along with the greenery, makes for an absolutely stunning home.

Indoor Gardens

Having an indoor garden doesn’t just improve the aesthetic value of your home alone. The health benefits of indoor gardens are indisputable. Innumerable studies have shown that the presence of plants can reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and make you feel calmer. Other research has shown that they help reduce blood pressure, and even help you sleep better. While the exact causes of these numerous benefits are not entirely known, there is good reasons to believe that the main cause is the increased oxygen levels created by the plants.

Indoor plants are not only healthy for the people co-inhabiting a house with them, but they can also be healthy for the home itself. This is especially true for those who enjoy smoking cigarettes in their homes. This practice, however, as unhealthy as it may be for the body, can also cause damage to your home by causing your walls to develop off-color stains. Certain plants, however, such as the Dragon Tree, are adept at pulling the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke right out of the air. The bathroom is also a place that accumulates a lot of bad air, and is a perfect place for a skylight and a small indoor garden. One plant that is great for a bathroom garden is the Peace Lily, which actually can remove mold from the air.

Indoor Garden better living

Having an indoor garden also confers one unsuspected benefit. A lot of modern home design these days creates an acoustic setting in the home that is prone to amplify noises and produce a lot of echoes. Personally, while I find homes with a modern look to be absolutely gorgeous, this added layer of noise makes living in one seem a bit distressful. Indoor gardens, however, have been shown to greatly reduce background noise, as the plants help absorb sound waves and disrupt the echoes produced by a lot of the hard surfaces used in modern home designs.

With this added benefit, an indoor garden has the ability to improve your home by interacting with all five of your senses. Indoor gardens have the potential to make your home sound better, smell better, to even make you feel better. They definitely make your home look better, and if you utilize your indoor garden space to grow some herbs and/or vegetables, it can make your home even taste better.

If you are thinking about remodeling your home to have an increased amount of natural light, then you should definitely be thinking about skylight windows. And if you’re seriously thinking about taking that plunge, then you should definitely consider how indoor landscaping could play a role in your home’s design. Your home is going to feel so much better with more natural light, but why not take it further and let your home make you feel better? All you have to gain from incorporating an indoor garden in your home is better physical and mental health. That seems like a pretty good deal for a place you are considering spending the majority of your time in.

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