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Home Remodeling Trends 2018

Home Remodeling Trends 2018

Home remodeling in 2018 continues to trend toward getting the most out of your home. Whether it’s a home addition to accommodate a mudroom or master bathroom or making updates to your home’s existing features, remodeling trends remain poised on homeowners getting what they’ve always dreamed of. When remodeling your home in San Diego, or anywhere for that matter, embracing some of these 2018 home remodeling trends will assist you in adding future value to your home.

Master Bedroom Remodeling

In 2018, homeowners are opting for more luxurious updates to the bedroom. Gone are the days of four walls and a closet; today’s master bedrooms integrate closests for him and her, as well as master bathrooms with plenty of space. Walk in closets with built in minimal impact shelving are fashionable for men and women, giving order to the chaos of any wardrobe. Many master bathrooms around San Diego are beginning to feature a fully functional jacuzzi tub with an upright shower in one part of the room. These showers and tubs offer a wide range of stylistic designs, and can be matched to any personal style. A mark of any luxurious master bath is the use of no-stain, sliding glass doors with polished silver spouts and water controls in a standing shower. To match the pristine glass and fixtures, the walls of the shower are often adorned with a tile pattern that reaches above the shower. There are endless designs that can be placed in this tile wall, allowing for intricate mosaics for the more artistically inclined or sheek black or stone patterns for a more minimalist impact.

Mudroom Addition

Mudroom Addition

2018 sees the continuation of a trend from the last few years: bringing the laundry process out of the dark ages. Many homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of having main floor laundry accommodations. Centralized laundry is often achieved by the addition of a mudroom to your home or the conversion of an existing room into a laundry hub. Either way, when adding a mudroom to your home, it’s important to pay some attention to the details of this trendy home upgrade. Mudrooms are multipurpose in 2018, focusing on taking the needs of everyone into account. For the laundry, efficient washers and dryers that are low noise and eco-friendly have dominated the landscape. As for storage, there are endless cabinetry solutions to fit above the washer and dryer and on any other wall in the room. Most mudrooms feature a countertop that fills out the rest of the wall on which the appliances sit. Every mudroom needs a sink, either placed in the countertop or freestanding against a wall for larger bucket sinks.

Refinishing the Basement


As far as remodeling projects go, refinishing the basement remains one of the most popular trends in 2018. Homeowners are growing bored of the default concrete slab basement and throwing down some carpet and adding some lights no longer suffices when it comes to integrating the basement into the rest of your home. Many modern San Diego homes make use of the basement by adding amenities found in the rest of the home. Luxurious bathrooms, kitchenettes, and home bars are just a few of the ways to create a flow state between the main floor and the basement. To go along with other luxury accomodations, upgrading or adding an entertainment center creates a new center of attention below ground. The basement is also the perfect place for a home theater, so if you’ve always dreamed of adding one, the solution might be right under your feet.

Home Functionality

San Diego homes in 2018 are beginning to put a big focus on functionality. This includes functionality in all parts of the home, from low maintenance building materials to smart home automation. Low impact siding is one example of the low maintenance trend, providing low cost, high class solutions for any home. Stylized plastic siding is one of the most popular functionality upgrades, as it can be molded to fit any home’s style while offering easy cleaning and replacement. As for home automation, large strides have been made in the market of home security and home automation. This market focuses on bringing up to date information about your home and the goings on there straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Home security systems can be installed to ensure the constant safety of your home whenever you aren’t there. As for home automation, systems can be implemented that give you power over your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as the lights and power in your home. With these systems, you can keep track of what you’re using when you’re not home, saving you money in the long run. And with home appliances like fridges that can connect to your home’s wifi, the future is closer than you think.

Dependable Home Remodeling

One trend that will never die out is the need to hire respectable and professional contractors for your home remodeling or home addition project. When it comes to the hottest home remodeling trends of 2018, Divine Remodeling is here to make your dream home a reality. With over 10 years experience with the homes of San Diego, home remodeling has never been so stress free and customer oriented as it is with us. So if you’re looking to take your home to the next level with the design trends of 2018, contact us today!

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