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Home Lighting for Every Room


Whether remodeling or starting from scratch, lighting your home efficiently improves the atmosphere of any room. Different rooms have different needs and focusing on the requirements of each room can have significant benefits when aligned with your home’s needs and individual style. Interior lighting should be focused on function and fashion. The lighting of your home determines the feeling of each room, and if not utilized properly, can leave you feeling left in the dark. If you’re sick of sitting in the shadows, it’s time to rethink the lighting of your home. We’ve broken things down room by room to illuminate the endless possibilities available to you when remodeling your home.


Lighting the

Lighting  living room

With how much time this room occupies, it’s important to make sure that all your lighting needs are met. The lighting in your living room needs to establish a concise flow. In the living room or family room, securing efficient ambient lighting in these rooms makes for the most comfortable home experience. Flush lighting is among the most popular living room choices, though almost any style of fixture can be incorporated into where you spend your quality time with friends and family. Flat ceilings are the best candidate for flush lights, whereas a more cavernous ceiling is worthy of hanging fixtures such as chandeliers and track lighting. Recessed lighting is another great choice in the living room as it can be added with ease in rooms with no clear center. To highlight any particular part of the living room, accent lighting works best to show off what you’re proud to show the world. Be it art or trophies and awards, adding accent lighting in your living room makes a statement about what’s important to you and the life of your home.


Lighting the Kitchen

Lighting  Kitchen

You keep track of a lot of details when using your kitchen. Without proper lighting, you may find yourself with more messes and extra work then you can handle. Kitchen lighting is essential to the functionality of your kitchen. When it comes to choosing what’s right for your kitchen, it’s best to identify what areas require the most illumination. Lighting above the sink is a staple of any good kitchen. Whether there’s a ceiling or cupboards above your sink, nearly every light fixture on the market will get the job done. With an abundance of designs and shapes to choose from, pendant lights are among the most popular choices to put above the kitchen sink in 2018. Many modern San Diego homes make use of the kitchen island, which creates the perfect place for task based lighting solutions like pendant lights and recessed lights.


Lighting the Bathroom

Reducing the chance of slips and falls can be achieved by lighting your bathroom efficiently. Since the bathroom is at the center of your daily routines, it’s important to pay attention to the lighting of the room you go to when you first wake up and the last you leave before bed. Lighting above the mirror and sink sets the stage for where you get ready for the day so it’s best to use either a singular wall fixture or a strip of individual lights to bring out the details. Wall sconces are also a popular in the modern San Diego bathroom, allowing for sleek and subdued lighting that matches any theme. To ensure that every surface in the bathroom is well lit, adding recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room keeps everyone safe from slippery surfaces.


Lighting the Dinner Room

Lighting in the modern San Diego dinner room is all about creating a centerpiece for the room from which all other details flow. Grand lighting solutions are best in the dining room, setting the tone for the meals you share with family and friends. Chandeliers are a staple of any dining room, with antique fixtures working best in rustic homes and endless sharp designs for the modern San Diego household.


Outdoor Lighting

Not every important part of life is spent indoors nor during the daylight hours. Lighting the outside of your home properly involves considering the safety and recreational potentials of your home. Flood lighting placed above the garage and any door that enters the home is a good place to start when remodeling the exterior. For patios and decks, there are many overhead lights that are suitable for evening gatherings and outdoor activities. For a more magical feel, hanging lights make the perfect addition to any San Diego backyard.


Lighting Your Home With Divine Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be a daunting process. Throw lighting into the mix and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what’s right for you. At Divine Remodeling, we offer expert design and construction of layered interior lighting. If you’re looking to remodel the lights in your home, Divine Remodeling will work with you every step of the process towards making your dream home a reality. We’ve had over 15 years experience brightening the lives of San Diego so come to use when it’s time to update the lighting in your home.

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