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Modern Concrete Home Remodeling


Looking for a creative remodeling design that’s both functional, durable, and efficient? As 2018 begins, concrete is set to become one of the most versatile materials used in the home remodeling industry. Custom concrete fixture in your home are a mark of sophistication, embracing the latest in contemporary design while keeping you home design clean and crisp. The process of concrete molding allow for an endless list of home remodeling possibilities with incorporation of this high efficiency building basic possible in every room of the home. Below, we offer an exploration of what concrete remodeling can do for your home in San Diego.

Concrete Floors


We’re well accustomed to the endless concrete streets and sidewalks that make up San Diego, but have you ever considered concrete floors for the home? Concrete floors pose a number of advantages not only for your home but for your personal style as well. Since concrete is a porous medium, a multitude of patterned impressions and stains can be added in the flooring process to create a look unique to your home and lifestyle. Suitable for any room in the home, concrete floors are especially efficient when utilized in rooms that see a significant amount of water contact like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and garages.

Concrete floors are also the kings of low maintenance. Finishes applied to floors after curing provide waterproofing in the rooms that matter the most. Ruinous kitchen spills and bathroom overflows are of no worry to the homeowner who invests in easy clean, long lasting concrete floors. Aside from cleaning up the occasional spill, the maintenance required to keep your concrete floors shining is close to none at all. Polished concrete floors need only to be swept and mopped on a regular basis. For those of us with pets, concrete floors are scratch resistant, odor resistant, and make cleaning up pet hair easier than ever.

Concrete Counter-tops

One of the finest additions to the craze for concrete home solutions is molded concrete counter-tops. This sleek and stylish option for kitchens and bathrooms offers a modern take on counter-tops that fit any space. Contractors can create any shape for any space so your needs for counter space can be easily accommodated. Built in sinks are an especially popular finish thanks to their minimalist impact on the decor of your bathroom. Concrete counter-tops are also great for avoiding harmful bacteria in the bathroom and kitchen alike. Polished concrete counter-tops with an anti-bacterial coating are safe enough that you can trim meat on them without worry of contamination.

Like concrete floors, countertops made from molded concrete are the easiest to clean surface available for your home. This is perfect for the busy San Diego lifestyle, as none of us are immune to the messes that accompany a fast-paced day. With concrete countertops, your messes will seem like they never even happened with how quick and easy it is to keep them looking their best.


Concrete driveway

Driveways are essential to the American home. The traditional asphalt driveway can no longer keep up with the demands of modern life, making way for concrete driveways that require little maintenance and lasting value. Today’s concrete driveways take into account the durability you need without compromising the value of design. Concrete driveways offer a unique range of options that complement any style of home. Among the most popular designs are concrete stamps, tile edging, and flagstone. For homeowners looking to stand out, stamped concrete driveways add an artistic element to your home that lasts a lifetime. Those looking for a more rustic appearance should look into tile edged designs or even fully tiled driveways. Flagstone adds a regal quality to your yard, giving a strong first impression.

Compared to asphalt and traditional paved driveways, a well installed, custom concrete driveway lasts longer and adds more value to your home in the long run. Concrete driveways last upwards of 30 years if constructed and taken care of properly.

Hardscaping: Ideas for the Yard

In San Diego, the backyard remains useful year round. If your backyard doesn’t suit your needs, you’re missing out on countless hours of recreation and relaxation in the comfort of your own yard. One way easy way to maximize the potential of your backyard is to install a concrete patio that contours to the shape of your yard. A custom designed patio makes your patio a hots-pot for any activity and adds to the flow of your yard. Custom paths connect the features of your yard to a central flowing path, creating an air of organization to your little patch of the wild. Concrete fences are available as well to provide decadent yet efficient fencing for any yard.

Getting the Job Done

Divine Remodeling strives to provide the best in concrete design. No matter the project, for your home or business, we’re sure we can help you find the best creative solution for any space. If you have questions, we’re only a conversation away from helping you find what concrete details could benefit your home. Give us a call today!

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