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Modern Basements Ideas: Make the Most of Your Home

Basement bar

Improving your home can take many forms which means there’s a part of your home you might often overlook when considering a renovation: the basement. The basement can seem like the least important part of the house, but to think this way stiffles the potential of your home to serve your needs. Basements are seen as a place for storage, somewhere to do the laundry, but in modern times, this space can be utilized beyond your wildest dreams. Ever wanted an entertainment hub? A home bar? What about a jacuzzi? These are just a few of the things to considering when looking at improving your basement. Right now, you could literally be sitting on top of your next dream home project, and remodeling your basement is the perfect way to take things to the next level. Below, we offer you some creative solutions to making the most of your home by updating your basement.

The Family Room

Basement family room

Have you ever been to a gorgeous house only to find out that the dingy qualities of the basement bring down the overall glamour of the house? One of the best ways to avoid this disappoint for yourself and guests is to add a functional family room in your basement. This can be the center of attention or just another place to entertain, either way, you get more out of your basement than you would usually by adding a space for entertainment. Have a flat-screen you’re dying to show off? Want more perfect movie nights with the family? Creating a gathering space in the basement makes a place that was once avoided somewhere your family and guests will flock to in no time. It never hurts to be too accommodating!

The Home Bar

A home bar is a sign of class and refinement in the modern home. Are you tired of exorbitant bar pricing and obnoxious clientele ruining your nights out with friends? If so, then your own personal bar in the comfort of your home might be a good choice for you. These days, home bars can be taken a step further beyond simply a counter-top with some bottles on it: whatever you can dream up can become your reality. When imagining your dream bar, consider adding amenities like a sink for easy cleaning when the party’s over, a modular refrigerator for on-demand ice cold drinks, or even a dishwasher for when the party never stops. The possibilities are endless for what you can include in the setup of your home bar, so don’t be afraid to indulge a bit when formalizing your dream bar.

A Wine Cellar

Basement wine cellar

Though impractical for many living situations, some homeowners like to live in luxury with a custom wine cellar. Especially in such a wine rich area like San Diego, many of us want to keep our best bottles safe until that one perfect night. The basement is the best environment for a wine cellar due to the constant temperature that comes from being buried beneath the ground. Of course, the whole basement doesn’t have to be converted to do some good: a functional and stylish wine cellar can be installed in any size room, even simply a closet. And with climate control systems made specifically for keeping wine at the right temperature 24/7, you can rest assured that your wines will age in style and safety.

Storage, Big and Small

It’s the same everywhere as San Diego: it takes a lot of stuff to support a home. No matter what you need to store in your home, it usually ends up in the basement where no one can see it, hidden away until you need it someday. This can be anything: collections, trophies, holiday decor, camping gear, seasonal clothes, etc… these things pile up over years and can turn any basement into a cluttered mess. When considering how to make your basement better serve your needs, think about the space you need for storage. Any available space will do, but often, seamless storage possibilities are all around you. A closet under the stairs or cabinets in the laundry room around utilities exponentially increase the usability and organizational properties of your basement.

The Laundry Room

For homes that don’t have a separate laundry room, the washer and dryer usually get placed wherever they fit in the basement. This leads to inefficient and highly unpleasing laundry stations tucked away deep in the house, almost like they’re in a dungeon. Luckily, your laundry station doesn’t need to stay drab forever. With simple updates like partitioned walls or open shelving, you can open up the area around your appliances to create a free-flowing space that works for the whole family. No longer will clothes pile up because no one wants to make the trek downstairs. With updates to your laundry facilities, you’ll experience the convenience of an organized space. To open up even more possibilities, you can also convert an existing first floor room into a laundry hub or even add an entirely new room to your house. Mud-rooms are the perfect way to section off areas of work and areas of play, concentrating your homes laundry operation to one room.

Your Dream Basement

Divine Remodeling is dedicated to helping you reshape your home to better suit your needs, and wants. Your home’s potential is our specialty, so if you’re interested in making the most out of your basement, we’ll do the job right the first time. Our talented team of designers and contractors will work with you to find what’s right for whatever part of your home you know to be lacking. Contact us today for questions and quotes for any home improvement project, big or small!

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