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Energy Efficient Homes on Any Budget

Energy efficient

In recent years, the rising cost of power has spawned a whole new category of home remodeling: energy efficient homes. Energy efficient building practices and updates to homes have gained massive popularity in the past 15 years or so, and with costs showing no signs of going down, updating your current home to meet current energy efficiency standards is a worthy endeavor for both your peace of mind and pocketbook. Thanks to the rapid development of the energy efficiency market, the possibilities for improving your home’s energy efficiency span from floor to ceiling. In our day to day lives, it’s easy to forget how even the smallest details impact your home’s energy efficiency. From the insulation in your walls to the windows and doors, updating any part of your home to be more energy efficient increases the value your house will have in years to come. If you’re interested in taking your home to its energy efficient potential, we offer you this guide below to the options and benefits available to homeowners looking to usher their home into the 21st century.

Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient windows

Windows play a huge role in the amount of air that enters and exits your house. If your windows haven’t been replaced in years, odds are you’re spending more on power than you could be from the air that escapes from your windows. You pay to heat and cool your house, and with outdated windows, you’re literally throwing money out the window. Luckily, there are countless options on the market for energy efficient windows. Installing energy efficient windows is a great first step towards improving the overall energy efficiency of your home, combating the loss of energy found with outdated windows as well as taking a load off your home’s HVAC system. In San Diego, windows that feature a low-e coating are best when trying to combat the overwhelming influence of the blazing California sun. Windows made with low-e coatings reflect a certain percentage of the sun’s rays away from your house, lowering the heat your home absorbs during the day. Making your windows the most energy efficient isn’t limited just to the materials they’re made of. Remodeling your home to incorporate passive solar home design can also greatly decrease the amount of power you use year round by placing windows in a way around your home that help keep it warm during colder months and cool during summer months.

Since we just finished discussing the benefits of energy efficient windows, it’s important to understand how crucial energy efficient doors are as well. In most houses, the doors are larger than the windows, making for even more energy loss from drafts. If a door is old or is not installed correctly in the door frame, it can leak valuable conditioned air without you even realizing. To combat this, you should stay away from any type of hollow door made for entrances to your home. Hollow doors leak air like a siv, squandering whatever possibilities for energy efficiency your home may possess. Solid wooden doors and even glass doors that are properly sealed will help shield you home from the elements while keeping the air you paid to heat or cool inside your home where it counts.

Energy Efficient Insulation

The third part of your house that can be an energy sinkhole is found in your walls. Insulation acts as a sort of buffer from the elements, stopping hot air and cold air from leaving your home. Proper installation of your home’s insulation is essential to maintaining a constant and efficient home climate. When the insulation of your home is lacking, much of the air you pay to heat and cool escapes through the roof, leaving you with an uncomfortable living space and a power bill far higher than it should be. These days, contractors practice methods of inspection that can locate and correct areas of improper installation. Updating this part of your home helps maintain a constant temperature without overworking you home’s HVAC system. Additionally, insulation can be made from recycled materials which further reduces your home’s carbon footprint.

Sealing Off Your Home on the Inside

We often think of our homes as one solid object partitioned off from the rest of the world but thinking this way can lead to losing money pumping air out of your home. If you take a closer look, your home is riddled with holes for things like vents, pipes, windows, doors, and HVAC systems. Your home is inextricably linked to things outside of it, and without proper sealing of these portals between your home and the outdoors, thousands of dollars can be lost. Having your home inspected for leaks and problem areas is one great way to improve the energy efficiency of you home without having to completely replace bigger details in your home. If you think you home could benefit from more energy efficient sealant application, our contractors are well versed in determining what you need to get the results you want.

Tax and Financing Incentives San Diego

In 2018, there is no better time to make energy efficient updates to your home in

There are numerous tax incentives on the state and city level that offer financial assistance to homeowners that invest in energy efficient updates and building practices.For instance, the Green Building Program of San Diego County reduces the cost of making energy efficient updates to your home. For other options, check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. For financing options related to energy efficiency, refer to the ENERGY REBATE section of our website, where you’ll find several programs designed to help lower the cost of installing energy efficient updates on your home. For example, California First offers 100% financing with no fees upfront for amounts up to 15% of your property value. Additionally, when using California First to make updates to your home’s water conservation and energy conservation, the bill gets added to your yearly property tax instead so you don’t have to keep track of yet another bill.

Chose Contractors Who Care About Energy Efficiency

Divine Remodeling is on the forefront of companies who’ve come to embrace the money saving powers of energy efficient home designs. If you’re interested in what updates your home could use to maximize its energy efficiency, you need only to give us a call or contact us online. We’re happy to embrace any tax incentive programs you might also be interested in, as the State of California and the city of San Diego both offer options for homeowners looking to improve the energy efficient potential.

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