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Flooring Ideas Room by Room


When remodeling any room in your home, one easy and effective way to add value and style to your renovation is updating your floors. Though we don’t pay attention to it all that much, the flooring in any room greatly affects the flow and connectivity of the room. No one likes coming home to a home full of shaggy, outdated carpet and when guests come through your home, they are sure to notice those stains somewhere in the living room. Thankfully, the modern flooring installation process keeps getting easier and easier, and your choices are endless when it comes to what you’ll be walking on for years to come. Below, you’ll find a room by room inspection of the flooring types best for each different space. We hope this might be helpful when you’re considering every detail for your next home remodeling project.

The Living Room

Considering the time you spend in the living room, it makes sense that the flooring in this room should be comfortable yet functional. Carpet has been the go to flooring option for many years in most homes in the San Diego area, but carpet leaves a lot to be wished for. If you’re looking to keep your floors carpeted, there have been many recent advancements in the way companies make carpets, allowing for easy cleaning options as well as water and stain resistant carpet. If you’re looking for more elegant options for your living room or family room, wood floors or laminate style flooring are the perfect option for you. Though real wood flooring noticeably raises the cost of floor installation, you can rest assured that your wood floors will save you from embarrassing stains and constant vacuuming for up to 30 years. Laminate flooring offers the same longevity and cleanliness as real wood but with a much more manageable price tag. And with endless options of stone and wood lookalikes, laminate offers the most choices when it comes to the aesthetic options of flooring.

The Kitchen


Aside from the bathroom, kitchens receive the hardest beating when it comes to spills in the home. Obviously, carpet is the worst option for any kitchen on account of the food and liquid that will inevitably end up on the floor. Most kitchens feature linoleum floors that are particularly susceptible to scuffs, burns, and scratches. Though there are still many efficient linoleum options for kitchens, the sign of a more official kitchen is the addition of laminate, wood, tile, or stone flooring. Nothing adds to the couture appearance of a modern kitchen like sheik and smooth designer flooring that is easy to clean. Tile work especially is a safe and stylish choice to increase the functional and aesthetic feeling of your cooking space. You’d be strapped to find any high end San Diego kitchen still stuck in the linoleum days.

The Bathrooms

The flooring in your bathroom is a detail you should pay close attention to when remodeling. The bathroom is the space in the home to deals with the most moisture on account of showers and baths. To ensure you don’t end up with your feet in the air every time you step out of the shower, the best options for bathrooms fall on laminate, linoleum, and stone or slate flooring. Wood flooring would remain too slippery over the years and could possibly absorb water over long periods of time. Tile flooring is another option for bathrooms you can choose with care as long as you make sure of its slipperiness when covered with water. Again, the wide range of choices in laminate flooring means you can find the style and pattern that best fits the theme of any room. Slate flooring in your bathroom has the added bonus of absorbing heat while you bathe, so whenever you step out of the shower, you’re met with a constant no slip surface that is warm to the touch.

The Bedrooms

Flooring in bedrooms is like the flooring in your living room: it should be comfortable yet functional, stylish yet workable. Because of this, the most popular flooring choices for bedrooms is carpet, but you can still opt into more stylish options like wood, laminate, and stone flooring. Again, if you are deciding on carpets, look for types that take little maintenance like wool and acrylic carpeting. For a more wilderness feel, wood flooring offers easy cleaning solutions and stunning floor appearance. Stone flooring, either slate or molded concrete, is the longest lasting flooring choice for bedrooms, and will provide easy cleaning and no scuff surfaces for as long as you’ll be living there.

Garages and Laundry/Utility Rooms

In most homes, the flooring in the garage and in laundry rooms is generally just the smoothed out concrete left over from creating the foundation. Leaving these areas alone when it comes to flooring isn’t always the best idea as concrete can erode over time, making these parts of your home reflect a lackluster appearance in comparison to the rest of the home. To combat this erosion while adding to the stylistic aspects of your home, there are many options for adding flooring on top of the existing concrete. In the garage for example, a simple epoxy coating or diamond coated steel can protect the longevity of your garage floor from the wear and tear of your vehicles or whatever projects you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing inside the home. In the laundry room, epoxy coatings and steel flooring is always available, though don’t fit in all that well with the domestic style of the inside of your home. For laundry and utility rooms, all tile, linoleum, laminate, and stone options can be installed to make the room as cozy and functional as you please.

Divine Remodeling has over a decade of experience making the dreams of our customers a reality. When it comes to flooring, this is still the case. If you’re considering renovations for your home in San Diego, don’t be afraid to contact us for a free estimate. Flooring is only one of the many options we offer for remodeling your San Diego home in style, and our dedicated team of designers and contractors will work with you every step of the way to your dream home. Contact us online or give us a call anytime at (858-810-8257).

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