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Solar Power in San Diego: 5 Great Reasons to Switch

Solar Power

With its ever present sun and the constant rising price of power, San Diego is the perfect place to invest in solar power. The cost of heating and cooling alone makes up over half of all power bills, making solar panels an appealing option for those looking to improve both the value and functionality of their home. Thankfully, San Diego presents the perfect environment for solar panel installation and functionality. The home solar market has seen an explosion in the last 20 years thanks to the many benefits of installing solar power at home, driving competition and lowering prices more each day. If you’re not sure yet if solar is right for your home, there’s endless online resources at your fingertips to help find the best option for you. Below is a compilation of some of the best reasons to convert your home to solar power in San Diego.

1. Cost of Installation

Due to the unprecedented progress made in the field of solar technology over the past 10 years, customers can now enjoy the comforts of an integrated solar power system without breaking the bank. Considering the price of installation, materials, and labor, having solar panels installed on your home will run you somewhere in the range of 15k to 20k, depending on the size and complexity of your installation. But fear not! Though these estimates may seem high at the moment of installation, what won’t seem high is your yearly power bill once installed.

2. A Sound Investment

We just discussed the price tag for a home solar system, which might have left you feeling a bit unsettled. This is normal considering the scope of the investment one must make in installing home solar equipment, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. For those in San Diego, the money saving capabilities brought by the installation means your solar system will end up paying for itself in 5-6 years. Solar energy does a great job at offsetting the costs of heating and cooling your home, an expense we know all too well in San Diego. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll save on power when you’re literally taking it from the sky.

3. Tax Credits

As a part of the economic stimulation implemented after the 2008 financial crisis, a lot of money was put aside for tax credits related to renewable energy. Subsidies for solar power are largely what have created the booming home solar market we know today. On the federal level, up to 30% of the price of a solar system installation can be deducted from your federal income tax. This means that installing a 15k system on your home actually costs around 12k thanks to Uncle Sam, making the payoff mentioned in the last section every faster. Additionally, tax credits are available beyond the federal level, with California alone offering many options for customers of the solar power market. Since San Diego is one of the prime solar markets in the nation, there are ample credits available at any time to further help pay for and maintain your solar system.

4. Low Maintenance Power Generation

Once a solar power system is installed in your home, you need only worry about the weather. Solar panels have reached a balance between functionality and durability enough to withstand the elements well beyond the age of your home. Typically, solar systems will last upwards of 25 years depending on the size and sophistication of the system. Beyond just a simple cleaning once or twice a year, your solar panels require little to no maintenance to provide for the power needs of your home.

5. Environmental Impact

Though the savings and credits available to solar users are many, installing solar panels overwhelmingly contributes to a smaller carbon footprint. In a world largely built on coal and gas, some comfort can be found in being able to reduce your carbon output tenfold through the use of solar panels. Solar technology offers the best method for making any home more self sufficient. Eventually, this technology has the power to completely reshape the way homes are built, and by installing it in your home, you join the thousands of customers that have already made the inevitable switch to personalized power. Additionally, the capabilities of energy storage are always improving, making way for even more energy efficient options for the home.

6. We’ve Got You Covered

Divine Remodeling is devoted to helping you achieve your wildest dreams. When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your home, there’s nothing we love more than creating a home you can feel good about. Solar is one of our specialties and if you’re on the lookout for contractors and engineers well versed in this budding market, look no further. Divine Remodeling has more than a decade of experience with installing solar systems, so if you’re looking to bring your San Diego home into the future of energy production, give us a call at (858-810-8257) or contact us online.

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