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Installing Windows and Doors: Tips and Types

Installing Windows

First impressions last a lifetime and the first impression anyone has of your home is what they see when they step up to the front door. Within the first knock on the door, the tone is set for your home your choice of entryway and door, all the way down to the windows. For most houses, the style of door and entryway sets the theme and style of your house. Doors and windows are our only portals to the outside world when it comes to the home, so it makes sense that these features should be given extra care when considering renovations for your home. Thankfully, their installation makes for easy and effective renovations for your home. If you’re looking for a way to easily increase the aesthetic and monetary value, updating or adding doors and windows increases the flow and longevity of your home. Below you’ll find some helpful information pertaining to the installation and selection of doors and windows.

Installing New Doors

Installing Doors

With how much we use them, doors take a lot more beatings then we generally think. When moving, we bump and push and slide through doors more than we realize, leaving many doors scuffed and ugly. With this near constant wear and tear, updating your doors brings a more even flow to your day, eliminating embarrassing gashes and damage. When installing a new door, our contractors begin by removing the former door and frame. Once this is finished, adjustments can be made to either widen the doorway or shrink it, depending on the dimensions of your new door. For some doors, like sliding patio doors or french doors, some parts of a wall may need to be removed, though this is done with the utmost respect for the frame of your home and its integrity. After the frame is installed, hinges are added as well as any accessories for the locking mechanism. Once everything is carefully leveled, your new door will be lifted into place and secured with hinge pins.

Installing New Windows

Windows have changed significantly since their inception. Starting out as simply holes in the wall, the vast updates in window technology have come from the innovating power of industrial strength plastics. Thanks to these innovations, windows and frames are made to last decades, letting in the hearty San Diego sun while eliminating drafts and stuffy air. Glass windows are still available as well, though they don’t typically last as long and remain undamaged as long as their vinyl counterparts. These days, it’s actually aged glass windows that most often need replacement, which starts with their removal. Our contractors remove any debris once the old window is removed, frames are retro-fitted to the space left behind. Once in place, frames are caulked with 50 year caulking, ensuring that there are no leaks in your home. After the frames are in place and the caulking has dried, your new windows are installed and all dirt and debris is cleared from your home.

Stylish Windows For Any Home

We’ve just taken a moment to assess the process of installing your windows, but of course, the most interesting part of improving your home is choosing what styles of windows for your house. You’ve surely seen many exquisite windows in older homes from the golden era of glass, but thankfully, almost any style of glass window is available in vinyl as well. The double hung style of window is perfect for most rooms in the house. Both parts of these windows slide up or down to provide the best options for airflow and cleaning. These windows work best above counter space in the kitchen or in bathrooms and bedrooms offering easy access all around. Casement windows are another stylish option, perfect for the San Diego climate as they offer large views of the outdoors with a crank to open it when it’s too warm. Awning windows are perfect from rooms with a great view, generally on the back of the home. This type of window opens on a small section on the bottom, leaving a large panel for viewing above. Picture windows are especially popular in San Diego as their floor to ceiling design allows for the full optimization of natural sunlight for heating and cooling. Lastly, bay windows are a great way to accentuate the parts of your home that extend beyond the foundation. These windows are generally large and majestic, creating enclaves for reading or staring out the window on rainy days.

When it comes to installing or updating the doors and windows of your home in San Diego, choosing Divine Remodeling is your best bet when it comes to creating your dream home. With over a decade of experience in the business, your dreams are the forefront of our work. So if this article has helped you in the search for your dream renovation, contact us through our website or give us a call at (858-810-8257).

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