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Patio and Deck Ideas

In sunny San Diego, we get the best of both worlds. Hot in the summer and cool in the winter months, any outdoor space offers unique options for outdoor entertainment and recreation. When it comes to making the most of your outdoor space, a deck or patio is the perfect choice to accentuate the best parts of your backyard. Be it eating accommodations, an outdoor kitchen, or a designer stone firepit, the sky's the limit when it comes to making your backyard dreams comes true. Below is a look at some popular ideas for outdoor living.


The Center of Attention

When adding or remodeling the design of your backyard, it’s best to have the flow of everything center on one part of the yard. This could be anything your heart desires including a deck or patio that provides access and accessory to your backyard experience. Having a special spot for gatherings streamlines the look and feel of your backyard, making everyday spent outside a luxury just outside the door. The center of your yard’s attention should be something that defines you such as a fire pit for smores year round or a garden pagoda you can hide away in on cool summer days.


Made in the Shade


In a city like San Diego, the sun is never far off. Patios and decks should serve as an escape from the sun and there are many stylish options when it comes to staying cool. Custom built cabanas are one way to stave of the heat while at the same time giving beauty and elegance to your patio. For patios connected to pools, awnings installed off the edge of a home or pool house offer an easy escape from the relenting San Diego sun.


Gather Round the Campfire

Even in the modern age, the allure of a good fire stands as one of the great human traditions. Since the days of smoldering in caves, the ability to control flame has gone far beyond anything imaginable by our primitive ancestors. Fire pits can take many shapes, depending on your preference for shape and style. Molded concrete fire pits are a great option for creating a magnificent centerpiece to your backyard. For a more sheik option, fire pits made from slate or granite hold majestic potential bound to transform any yard. Many moonlit nights filled with s'mores and stories await you with the addition of a fire pit to your backyard.


Outdoor Cooking and Dining Options

There’s nothing more central to the American backyard experience than the grill. The grill is a staple of the perks of a yard. Patios or decks that center around them offer a unique culinary experience in the comfort of your own backyard, opening up a whole new space for dining. In recent years, the prospects of a backyard eatery have become a reality for many, and can become a reality for you too. These stylish kitchens incorporate stone or treated wood into their design, staying true to the beauty of nature while offering convenient access to all your grilling needs. Adding a dining area near your outdoor kitchen gives the unique opportunity to treat guests to the aromatic stylings of your grillings skills.


Paving Your Patio

Most patios are made with poured concrete, laid out much like a driveway except placed in the backyard. Though this option is the most cost efficient, it offers little in the way of setting a scene in your backyard paradise. To achieve a more rustic or natural looks, natural stone tile or patio tile give you patio that extra character lacking in traditional cement molds. Slate is also a bold choice worthy of any elegant backyard, lasting well beyond the rest of the home one day. For a distinct San Diego look, sandstone tile pairs well with endemic landscaping to produce an outdoor oasis like nowhere else in the west.


Improving Your Home, and Your Life

For us at Divine Remodeling, there’s nothing we love more than seeing your dreams fulfilled. If you can dream it, we’ll build it for you with the expertise we’ve gained with over ten years of customer satisfaction. The list above is only a starting point when it comes to the possibilities for your backyard, so if you’re looking to secure the yard of your dreams, contact us online or on the phone at any time (858-810-8257).

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