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How To Build the Pool of Your Dreams

How To Build the Pool of Your Dreams Divine Home Remodeling

The San Diego sun can be quite the nuisance. With over half of the days of the year spent in sunshine, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the constant warming rays of the west coast sun. Thankfully, due to its climate and low precipitation, San Diego is a hotspot for pool construction. If you seek respite from the unending heat in the summer months, then installing a pool in your backyard would be the perfect option to both improve the quality of your summers and the overall value of your home. To make the dream come true, many steps go into the construction of your pool. Below is a step by step guide to the creation of the backyard you’ve dreamed about for years.


In-ground Pools: Layout and Design

The first step of building a pool is to decide on your vision for your backyard. Pools can be made to fit almost any dream build: be it family friendly options, the latest modern designs, or even the incorporation of water features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can do with your yard. In-ground pools are a perfect status symbol for any home, providing recess and relaxation year round. An in-ground pool is the choice for realizing your wildest dreams when it comes to your backyard oasis on account of the endlessly customizable details at your fingertips. With the help of a designer, you’ll be able to pick out every aspect of your pool to help you find the shape, depth and appearance that bests suits your needs.


Assembling Your Dream

A few weeks of construction are required to formalize an inground pool, but the payoff is years of summer fun for you and your family. Once you’ve decided on the shape and design of your pool, contractors can begin the process of constructing your dream before your very eyes. Here, we will lead you through the steps of building a pool so that you know what to expect.


1. Excavation

The first step in creating your pool is to excavate your yard. This process involves bringing in a front end loader in order to remove the dirt that sits where your future pool will be. It is this stage in development when the shape and depth of your pool are fashioned from the layout of your yard.


2. Steel Reinforcement

After the hole is dug and contoured to fit the design of your pool, a grid of reinforced steel is placed in the shape of the indent in your yard. This helps to maintain the shape of your pool overtime, avoiding future repairs and bracing against weathering and damage.


3. Plumping Your Pool

Once a frame is in place, our contractors can begin plumbing the filtration essential to crystal clear water. At this time, the jets, drains, pumps and pipes needed to support your filtration system are situated throughout your pool before being sealed and incorporated into the rest of pool.


4. Laying the Pool Floor

Now that your pool has a skeleton of sorts, the concrete can be laid throughout the steel frame. Concrete is poured into every part of the steel frame and then smoothed out in rapid succession. This is the part of the process that makes sure there are no leaks in your pool when it is fully up and running. Once this step is finished, the base of your pool has taken shape.


5. Edging and Tile

At this point in the construction process, the edges of your pool are crafted out of the rough edges left by laying the pool floor. During the design phase, you will work with our designers on choosing the tile you’d like which is installed at this step.


6. Filtration and Energy Equipment

When your pool nears completion, a filtration system will be added to make use of the plumbing set in step three. Additionally, this is the point at which we install any of the lighting and heating components you may have chosen for your design. Depending on where you have the space, these systems can be installed anywhere from the back of a garage, to a shed, or even in the ground attached to your pool.


7. Fill it Up!

Once our contractors have cleaned up and sealed off every part of your pool, we can begin adding water and making any adjustments to water chemistry and temperature it will need. Your pool will need to run for a few weeks to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but after that, it’s up to you what memories you make in your brand new aquatic refuge.

If you are considering adding a pool to your backyard but are unsure how to start, contact us online or on the phone (858-810-8257) to speak with a Divine Remodeling specialist to help you realize the true potential of your home’s yard space.

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