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Air Conditioning, the San Diego Way

Divine Remodeling HVAC systems

Southern California was practically built on air conditioning. If not for air conditioner units buzzing long hours day and night, the entire San Diego area would be quite the wasteland. Thankfully, the science and design behind air conditioners continues to improve year by year, ensuring that your indoor climate will remain where you prefer. Properly functioning air conditioning and heating systems are secretly at the center of your daily routine. You wake up every morning to a temperature comfortable to you, and it’s sustained comfort sets the tone for the rest of the day. There’s nothing more unsettling than inefficient HVAC systems that leave you sweating in the summer, so if you find that your air conditioner, ventilation, or furnace is falling above or below your favored temperatures, we invite you to consult this list of tips.


What’s that smell? A Lesson in Ventilation

Divine Home Remodeling HVAC

Before you ever consider updating your air conditioning, it’s never a bad decision to assess the efficiency of your ventilation. Ventilation is essentially the controlled flow of air within a house. Without proper ventilation, a home can become consistently stuffy with air moving slowly, if not at all throughout the house. This also affects the potential to regulate the temperature of your home, making any investment in the hardware that heats and cools your living space cost more than it’s worth. Ventilation connects the air inside your home with incoming air from outside, directing the outside air towards AC systems, filtering systems, as well as humidifiers. When deciding on the specifications of your HVAC system, pay close attention to the features that will make your dream a reality, keeping you comfortable for years to come.


Finding the Ideal Feel

Cooling System Divine Remodeling

We’re all aware of the importance of efficient climate control, but to call it efficient is only to point out that it works well. In San Diego especially, air conditioning is a facet of life, present in almost every space created for public and private needs. So when it comes to deciding on a system that best suits your needs, make sure to consider all the possibilities for air conditioning the modern market has to offer. Air conditioners generally come in five different styles that serve the needs of many situations: heat pumps, split systems, portable, window units, and central air. Heat pumps push warm air in or out of a house and offer a great energy efficient option for mild climates, especially San Diego. Split systems are optimal for adding additional cooling power in rooms that might not receive the best reach. Portable and window units expand the possibilities for cooling in any room in the house due to their minimum requirements for installation. By far the most popular and widely used of air conditioning systems is central air, which takes advantage of ducts in the walls and ceilings of your home to keep a steady temperature of your choosing.


Turning Up the Heat

Though not the most important aspect of a HVAC system in a place like San Diego, heating your home is always an important capability to keep in mind. For smaller rooms, most window units and split systems have a built in heating element that can keep any small room comfortable year round. Having a system with heating capabilities is perfect for any type of four season room or home extension that is not connected to the ducts on your furnace. For most homes built after the 80’s, a central heat system is standard installation. Of course, there have been many updates to the way in which central systems function, meaning that almost any house can benefit from an upgrade. For a more ecologically friendly option, geothermal heating and cooling can save you thousands in energy costs as heating and cooling account for at least 50% of domestic energy consumption.


Bringing the Dream to Life

Though often overlooked, we all know the utter inconvenience of a faulty HVAC system. The sticky, sweaty, boiling feeling of no AC can quickly ruin anyone’s day. If the balance of your indoor climate is constantly being tested, re-configuring the efficiency of your HVAC system is of the utmost importance. Of additional importance is the time and care we here at Divine Remodeling put into helping you create your dream climate situation. We strive for nothing more than the feeling of floating comfortably through your living space. No matter how warm or cold you like it, we’ll take what you need into account until you’re comfortable again. Contact us online or on the phone (858) 810-8257) to begin taking the steps towards your dream HVAC system.

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