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Building an Additional Room in Your House

When the potential of your home falls short of your needs, you have two choices: search for another house that better suits your lifestyle, or, transform your current residence into the house of your dreams. Since you’ve found yourself reading this article, it’s safe to assume that perhaps you’re not getting the most out of your space. Houses in San Diego often don’t meet the immediate requirements of those who live there. What someone thought might be a worthwhile design twenty to thirty years ago seldom holds up in today’s busy atmosphere. So if you’ve found yourself wanting to fully utilize the possibilities of your property, adding a room of any kind can greatly improve the flow of your life and the value of your home.


Bedroom Addition

As one of the most popular additions to any home, a new bedroom is a sure choice when it comes to upgrading both the value and accommodating power of your home. Whether it’s unused space in an unfinished basement, space above a garage, or even just combining one or more current bedrooms, the possibilities when it comes to adding a bedroom to your home are endless. When considering adding a room, you might also want to consider the possibilities of adding to existing rooms. Ever dreamed of a master suite? Sometimes, all a room needs to bring out its full potential is the addition of a bathroom or a closet. You’d be amazed how efficient your morning and evening routines will become when you add space to your bedroom for bathing and clothing.


Bathroom Addition

As I’m sure you’re aware, when houses get listed for sale, they are categorized by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. This is very good news for anyone looking to add another bathroom to their house not just because it adds value to your home, but, when you increase the utility of your home, you will find the added convenience of multiple bathrooms pays out ten fold. A popular option when adding a bathroom is to add a space for laundry as well. Combining these spaces in your home streamlines the rest of the space in your house, sometimes even allowing for other rooms to become available for renovation.


Adding a Family Room/Great Room/ Living Room

As families grow, it’s easy for them to expand into all parts of a home. If you’re finding that perhaps you’d like more room for recreation, then the addition of a family room is the right choice for you. Family rooms can be added almost anywhere depending on the dimensions of your house. Perhaps there’s extra space in your backyard: bumping out the back side of your house creates a personal space ideal for movie nights or parties with friends. Family rooms are also made especially convenient when they offer a doorway between outside of your house. By adding patio doors to an addition, you connect the busyness of your indoor life with the relaxation and recreation of the outdoors, increasing the possibilities for memorable evenings spent outside.


Adding a Work-space

For many of us, working from home is becoming more and more an opportunity to do what we love where we love. Be it am office space, a workout space or a man cave, specialized rooms are fit for any home. Have you ever dreamed of having a study, or a secluded personal library? These are only two of the possibilities when it comes to adding to your house, though it's best to have a room focused around your personal needs. Having a designated room for the hobbies you love or the jobs that support it increases both the value of your home and the smoothness of your days.


Constructing Your Dreams

Home improvement is no joke when it comes to fully utilizing your available space. At Divine Home Remodeling, we take the fulfillment of your remodeling desires seriously, working with you and for you until your dreams become reality. If you’re considering adding a room to your home, contact us first for tips and quotes regarding the optimization of your home. Our contractors want to see you succeed and will do everything in their power to help make your house work for you. If you found this article helpful or have more questions regarding making changes to your home, give us a call at (858) 810-8257.

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