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Do I Need a New Roof? How to Tell and What to Do

A roof above one’s head is the quintessential detail that makes any house a suitable place to live. In the past, roofs were simple. The basic foundation of any place to live was literally just a roof over your head. Nowadays, the possibilities when it comes to roofing have grown beyond anything our cave-dwelling ancestors could’ve ever imagined. A house without a roof cannot function, so proper installation and maintenance are paramount to the health of your home. Due to their lasting durability, it is easy to forget how essential the roof is to the other functions of your house. The roof is your shield from the elements, so if your shield is in need of replacement, consider these helpful tips when considering your options.


How Often Should You Replace Your Roof?

As the primary shield against weather and wear, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your roof on a yearly basis. Though helpful, maintenance only serves to prolong the inevitable and eventually you’re going to need a new roof. Due to their longevity, it’s easy to lose track of the age and condition of your roof. On average, shingled roofs last upwards of twenty or more years, depending on the quality and proper installation of shingles on your house. Ideally, roof replacement should happen on a cycle, never allowing the roof to deteriorate too much, keeping the rest of your house safe. Metal roofs tend to last more than twice as long as shingled roofs requiring replacement every 45 years or so. Tile roofs can last anywhere from 50-100 years depending on your choice of tile material.


Why Should You Replace Your Roof?

The overall integrity of your home is ensured by a strong roof. In San Diego, the biggest favor your roof does you is blocking the ever present sun day in and day out. In modern homes, the specifications of your roof can save you both time and money. The roof is responsible for any form of climate control within your home. It holds the cap down on the air you pay to heat and cool, so if your roof is poorly insulated or leaky, you could be spending hundreds or even thousands more per year than you need to be paying. Improving the quality of your roof produces a cleaner, more efficient airflow throughout your house, putting you in control of the climate inside your house. Additionally, the condition of your roof is a strong factor when it comes to the sale of your house. Improving your roof is a sure fire route to increasing your house’s value in any neighborhood.


What Creative Choices Can Be Made With A Roof?

When most people think of roofs, they imagine sprawling suburbs coated with miles and miles of asphalt shingles. By a long shot, shingles are the dominant choice when it comes to roofing, though not for any real stylistic reasons. If you’re looking to maximize the central part of your house to fit your personal style, than fear not, for the sky is literally the limit. For an arid city like San Diego, a wise and rustic choice can be found in clay tile roofing. Clay tile roofs last for decades and give your house an agrarian atmosphere in the blazing San Diego sun. Additional options for tile roofs include tiles made from wood, slate, or even concrete with many different decorative shapes available. If you have a dream for what you’d wish your roof would look like, don’t be afraid to explore every option at your disposal.


Who Should You Hire To Replace Your Roof?

For our contractors, each house presents a new and exciting set of possibilities. When looking for a company to fortify the protection of your home, choose based on experience. Divine Remodeling has been providing excellence in both service and practice for over 10 years. Be it for practical reasons or design concerns, we take pride in providing a quality product every time we climb the ladder. If you found anything above to be useful in your search for the perfect roof for you, contact us online or on the phone at (858) 810-8257. We’ll be happy to discuss your options at any time and help find what works best for you.

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