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Are You Ready for a Remodel? | San Diego

Remodeling can be an intimidating process. So much goes into the decision that it’s easy to get lost. If you find yourself questioning the costs and benefits of remodeling a section of your house, then you’ve come to the right place. Be it cosmetic updates or making your house more efficient, remodeling presents a chance to take your space into your own hands.

Below, you can find a list of frequently asked questions related to home remodeling. You might’ve already contemplated some of these questions in regards to your home renovation, though we thought we’d lay them out a little clearer for you once again. This list is just a start when it comes to your particular project, though it never hurts to peak your curiosities when it comes to the actualization of your dream home.


How do I know when I’m ready for home remodeling?

As they always say, there’s no time like the present! Although your plans for renovation won’t simply blossom overnight, it’s important to know where you’d like to start. You can do this by asking yourself a few questions. What don’t you like about your current living space? What parts of your house could benefit from being updated? Is there not enough space? Does the layout of your house please you or constrict your possibilities? These are all important questions to look over when considering a home renovation. Why? Because remodeling is about potential. Potential is all around you, especially if you’re reading this while sitting at home, for every room and every yard always has the potential to better please you and your way of life. You’ll know you’re ready for a renovation when you have a vision for what you’d like to get out of a space that you’re currently not getting, and from there, you can move on to other questions on this list.


If I have an idea of what I want, how do I determine the details of a renovation?

There are a lot of steps in the home remodeling process, and figuring out every detail is one part of that plan for success. However, the average homeowner isn’t familiar with every type of cabinet or paint or doorknob, which is where a designer comes in. Working with you, a designer helps flesh out every part of a remodel, from desired dimensions all the way up to the color on the walls. You can think of the designer as an artist at your fingertips: if you can dream it, they can design it. A designer, and eventually the contractors working on your project, helps understand what you want to get out of a space. Have a big empty space in your backyard or unfinished basement? If you can’t think of anything to do with it, a designer surely can.


How much will a renovation cost me?

One of the biggest concerns about renovations is the cost to get them finished. What, with the cost of buying materials, prepping the property as well as labor and permits, the financial side of home improvement can seem daunting. By utilizing the services of a home improvement company, you can bypass the stress of figuring out every detail. If you approach your renovations with a reasonable budget, there’s no reason to worry about the requirements of your project. Since every renovation presents a completely different situation, costs cannot simply be determined from looking at a list of material costs on the internet. In order to comprehend the requirements of a job, our company will give you a quote by talking with you and inspecting the areas set for renovation. These consultations can be easily scheduled and fit into any busy day.


How much time will a renovation take?

As with pricing, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much time a home renovation will take. Thankfully, estimates of how long it will take are generally available after your consultation. You can expect a renovation to take anywhere from two to six weeks depending on the size and complexity of the remodel. Some projects, like a kitchen revamp or a bathroom overhaul, take only about two weeks’ time to transform outdated or unpleasing areas into brand new space for you to discover. And if you’re worried about living accommodations during the time your house is being remodeled, you can usually stay in your own home! For smaller projects, it’s easy to remain in your home at the same time as the work, and with a majority of the work being done while you’re away for the workday, interruptions are usually kept to a minimum. The momentary discomfort will surely fade away once you gaze upon the finished product.


We remodel now? Why not move somewhere that already has all my needs accounted for?

Remodeling is a great way to find value you didn’t know you had. With long term home ownership, remodeling is often the better choice, as your investment in updating your home increases its value over time. Sometimes we think that a change of scenery would do us good. Remodeling takes that change fully into account without having to go through the process of moving, which would inevitably take longer than the time it takes to finish the job. If you’re worried a renovation won’t pay off, I’d suggest talking to those you know who have recently had some remodeling done. They can vouch as well as us that after having work done on their house, the return in the form of utility, aesthetic and property value is worth every cent.

If this list leaves you with more questions about home remodeling or you have a project you'd like to approach, don't hesitate to give Divine Remodeling in San Diego a call at ( 858 ) 810 - 8257. With over ten years of regional experience, our contractors know the ins and out of every aspect of the remodeling world.

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